Top 10 highest paid managers in the world after Jose Mourinho Sack

Mourinho was earning €11.5million per year at Stamford Bridge, €2million more than Wenger.

Guardiola tops the list with an astronomical €16million a year, while Louis van Gaalis now in third place, taking home €8million at OLd Trafford.

Jurgen Klopp and Manuel Pellegrini are the only two Premier League managers to make the top nine, which also includes Luis Enrique and Roberto Mancini.


Highest earning managers in world football (per year)

  • 10. Roberto Mancini, Inter Milan – €4million
  • 9. Manuel Pellegrini, Manchester City – €4million
  • 8. Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool – €5million
  • 7. Rafael Benitez, Real Madrid – €5million
  • 6. Antonio Conte, Italy – €5million
  • 5. Luis Enrique, Barcelona – €7.5million
  • 4. Louis van Gaal, Manchester United – €8million
  • 3. Arsene Wenger, Arsenal – €9million
  • 2. Jose Mourinho, Chelsea (SACKED) – €11.5million
  • 1. Pep Guardiola, Bayern Munich – €16million


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