Ladies: 8 Ultimate Signs You Mean A Lot to Him

Love is a beautiful thing, Having someone in your life feels like a dream come true. Things seem too good to be true at times, but women tend to think and over-analyse a lot. They often end up wondering if they mean a lot to him. To calm your anxiety, Here is a list of 8 things that will show that you mean a lot to him. But remember that this is purely based on personal opinion and research.  And they can be many other ways but I have chosen the top 8—->

1) He doesn’t make plans without asking you.

No matter how much an event means to him, he will always ask you first about it. He will never assume that you are free and just make plans with his friends or make reservations. He respects the fact that you have a life of your own so he doesn’t push you. If you mean a lot to him, then he will always respect your space.

2) He just doesn’t assign you tasks.

You mean a lot to him so he will not treat you like you are his servant. He will not just assume that you are supposed to make dinner for him and wash his clothes. He will respect that the fact that you do his chores along with doing your own work. If you don’t have time someday, he will be courteous enough to do your job as well.


3) He keeps a check on you.

You’re out of his sight so he is going to worry for you a lot since you mean a lot to him. He is not going to go crazy on you and text you every five minutes asking you about your whereabouts. Instead, he will just make sure if you’re okay. He trusts you and accepts the fact that you’re a grown up woman and you can look after yourself, but he will still make sure if you’re okay or not to satisfy himself.

4) He doesn’t remind you of his favours on you.

You were really tired so he washed the dishes last night.

You felt like watching a chick flick so he watched it with you.

He will do favours and go out of the way to make you happy, yet you will never hear him telling it to you like you owe him something. You meant a lot to him and so does your happiness. He does these tiny things to show that you’re important to him – not to win favours in return.

5) He is always honest.

If you mean a lot to him, he will never lie to you. No matter what the consequences are, he will always tell you the truth. He values you as a part of his life and if he has given you a chunk of himself, then he knows that he owes the truth to you. No matter who he is out with, or what he did all night, he will always tell you the truth.

6) He isn’t selfish.

You definitely mean a lot to him if he isn’t selfish around you. Men are always assumed to be more egoistic so they do not compromise easily. However, when they find their special someone, they know that they have to do everything in their power for them – even if it means compromising a lot.

7) He keeps nothing against you.

If he doesn’t hold grudges in his heart, you mean a lot to him. He will not remind you of how you screwed up when you were in high school, or how you were once a horrible person. He will never use your past to go against you. He will never look for reasons to get mad at you.

8) Your arguments are rational.

You mean a lot to him if your arguments aren’t about petty irrational things. If you cannot decide the TV series to watch together before raging World War III then you need to consider where things are going. Your arguments are about real and serious life matters.


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