6 Important Things Ladies Should Check When Lodging In Hotels


If you’re always on the road, then you must have to use hotel lodgings once in a while; and if you’re traveling out of state for some company business, then you’d also have to use a hotel. Whatever reasons you’re lodging in a hotel, there are certain things you must check out for before booking a hotel of your choice.

1. Affordability and quality
Anyone would expect “affordability” to be the first consideration when booking a hotel, and it is – only it should not be the sole factor to determine the choice of hotel; quality is also a major factor. This means that affordability combined with quality service should be the overriding considerations when shopping for a hotel to serve your needs where you’re visiting.


2. Amenities and facilities
Another major reason you must choose a hotel is the rating of its facilities and comfort amenities. To this end, you might want to know if a hotel has a swimming pool, car parking space, luxurious rooms, conference halls, spas and hot baths, local cuisines, and other things you just need to see before booking a hotel.


3. Personal and material Security
The value of a hotel is not only in its luxury or customer service, personal and material security is also paramount. Security of self, security to personal possessions, and security to parked cars among others are crucial to staying in any hotel of choice. How would you like leaving your hotel for a few hours to tour the city only to return to find your room unlocked and your luggage ransacked, with the front-desk officers feigning ignorance?



4. Customer service
Customer service is nearly everything. The level and depth of customer service can overshadow any inadequacies seen in any hotel. We all like to be fawned by intelligent staff, courteous and willing employees, as well as understanding and prompt management support. Quality and prompt customer service is something that must be considered when booking a hotel you need to lodge in for a number of days.


5. Customers’ reviews
One of the ways of researching the services and quality of a hotel before booking for lodgings is by studying reviews left behind by other customers. It is true that positive customer reviews are sometimes bought and may not actually reflect the state of things at your desired hotel; but speaking to neighbours or friends and relatives or associates about their experience at any particular hotel will serve you well in helping you make up your mind about any hotel under consideration. Some sites like have reviews for most of the top-notch hotels around the world.


6. Security cameras

You can never be too careful. There are so many apps now for scanning rooms for hidden cameras and sound recording devices. You are a lady and your privacy is VERY important


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