Top 10 Online Bookstores in the World

Big bookshop chains in different parts of the globe are now giving clients the chance to shop for all kinds of books on the net. This is mainly because shopping on the net is really fast and simple. Several clients have a busy lifestyle and don’t have enough time to visit traditional bookshops because of the working hours. It’s also important to say that online bookshops are beneficial because they encourage reading and learning for people who live in poor countries. The books are priced at great prices, which means that they are not expensive at all. Let’s have a look at the list of top 10 online bookstores in the world.
1- Amazon

There’s no doubt that this is the most important online retail bookshop on earth. Jeff Bezos first opened the company in the mid 1990s and it was a huge success because it was one of the first online bookshops. Some time later the webpage became larger and it started to offer electronic goods, computer programmes, CDs, DVDs, clothes, furniture, food and many other things. The company got its name for the Amazon River, which is one of the most important in the world. The idea behind the creation of the site was that clients got used to thinking in a big way. At present, Amazon had webpages for the United States, Canada, Italy, Japan, France, the United Kingdom, China and Germany.
2- Chapters/Indigo/Coles

Chapters/Indigo/Coles is a huge bookshop chain that belongs to the Canadian company Indigo Books and Music. In the early 1940s two brothers decided to open Coles, which was a chain of bookshops. In the late 1980s Kmart bought the bookshop Coles and soon afterwards Charters Inc. took over again in order to launch two bookshops that would compete with SmithBooks. A couple of years later, Chapters became larger because it opened a webpage to try to contend with Amazon. As the competition got fierce, in the early 2000s Indigo purchased Chapters. In the last couple of years, Chapters/Indigo has been really criticized for destroying the market for little bookshops.
3- Barnes & Noble

This is one of the biggest retail bookshops in the USA that was first launched in the nineteenth century. The bookshop has its headquarters in New York. The company has a lot of big, first-class retail shops that even have chains of Starbucks Coffee. Apart from having so many retail shops, the bookshop works together with more than six hundred different colleges. Three years ago the company launched Nook that allows users to read e-books on their site. The webpage offers all kinds of books so that clients can purchase the books they need whenever and wherever they are.
4- Abe Books

This is one of the biggest online bookshops on earth nowadays. The majority of books on offer on the webpage are second-hand and also not very common. The majority of sellers have the chance to post their own prices for the books they have on offer and can also buy and pay through the webpage. The market arena only lets little bookshops to contend with other companies mainly thanks to the Abe Books webpage.
5- McNally Robinson

In the early 1980s McNally Robinson, a very important bookshop, opened in Winnipeg. Nowadays, the company had three different shops in Manitoba, New York and Saskatchewan. The company belongs to a family and it has been able to become a lot more popular thanks to the launch of their new webpage that is a great option for clients.
6- Dymocks

This is a bookshop company with its headquarters in Australia. The company has been in the market for more than 130 years and it has more than seventy shops in Australian territory and seven in New Zealand. As the company was able to make a deal with the people of South China Morning Post they have been able to open new thirteen shops in Hong Kong. By 2007, Dymocks had turned into the second biggest bookshop chain in Australia, following the famous Angus & Robinson. In order to contend with Amazon, more than six years ago the company decided to launch its webpage. At present, the webpage is starting to offer e-books.
7- Crosswords Bookstore

Crosswords Bookstore is the perfect bookshop for people living in India. The bookshop always invites authors and poets to give talks to kids and families. It also has a great variety of books for kids and the company tries really hard to improve schooling in India. In order to motivate kids to read and learn about different things, the shop generally organizes important events for the weekends. And if you want you can use the website that is really easy to use to shops books.
8- Half Price Books

This is the biggest company owned by a family in the USA that offers second-hand as well as brand new books. Their precept is that they purchase and sell anything and everything that has been printed or recorded. The company has more than one hundred shops in fifteen different states and has recently built relations with Alibris and Monsoon Commerce in order to sell a lot more books from more than forty-five countries and authors. The bookshop has a webpage that allows clients to have an account and buy their books online.
9- Kyobo Book Centre

This is the biggest bookshop in South Korea. Kyobo Book Centre has more than ten shops in seven different cities. The most important shop is the Main Store in Seoul that is situated right below the building of Kyobo. By 2004 the bookshop had more than three million customers who belonged to the club and its webpage has over one thousand visitors on a weekly basis.
10- Regent Bookstore

This is a chain of bookshops in the USA that offers all kinds of theological supplies for clients all over the world and for students who study at the Regent College. As stated by the webpage, the bookshop tries to offer the perfect place for clients to shop books and also to improve the lifestyle of people. Even when there’s only one retail shop, Regent Bookstore has a very useful webpage. The webpage is a lot easier to use for clients who need to shop for books without the need to visit Regent College.

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