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Top 10 Boxers in the World

We have created a list with the ten boxers that were the most important in the boxing world. The names included in the list were chosen because of their fame and because they were able to really prove their power and influence in the course of the time when they were champions.

1. Sugar Ray Robinson

Sugar Ray Robinson

Sugar Ray Robinson was born in the early 1920s under the name of Walker Smith Junior and died in the late 1980s. When he was only nineteen years old he made his first professional performance. There’s no doubt that Sugar Ray Robinson the undisputed most successful boxer in the world even after more than twenty years of this death. There’s no boxer in the present-day boxing scene that can do better or even match what he did in the boxing ring.

2. Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was born in the early 1940s in Louisville under the name of Cassius Marcellus Clay Junior. He had a very unusual style considering that he was a heavyweight boxer who was unable to manage without speed in order to avoid being punched by his opponent. Ali will always be remembered in the boxing world as one of the best persons to have ever entered a boxing ring.

3. Henry Armstrong

Henry Armstrong

Henry Armstrong was born in the early 1910s under the name of Henry Jackson Junior. He was the sole boxer in the world who could have three world championships simultaneously. The championship tittles he got were the Featherweight, Lightweight and Welterweight. He was also able to defend the Welterweight tittle more than any other boxer in the world.

4. Julio Cesar Chavez

Julio Cesar Chavez

He was born in Mexico in the early 1960s. He is the most important Mexican boxer in the history of boxing. He started his career as an amateur when he was sixteen years old and he was able to fight against and defeat all the most important boxers of the world. He decided to stop boxing after thirteen years of remarkable performances.

5. Joe Louis

Joe Louis


Joe Louis was born in the early 1980s under the name of Joseph Louis Barrow. His nickname the Brown Bomber made him famous all over the world for his impressive performance in the boxing ring. He was able to win several tittles and created two of the most important boxing quotes in the world that are still used these days.

6. Roy Jones

Roy Jones

Roy Jones was born in the late 1960s. Many people might not be surprised by this position because a lot of people don’t believe the reasons why he became a champion. In the early 2000s, Roy Jones started a career in the rap music industry with a very popular album called Round One.

7. Archie Moore

Archie Moore

Archie Moore was born in the early 1910s and died in the late 1990s. He had an amazing boxing style combined with some features that made him look as if he were from outer space. He boxed for over forty years and was able to knock out a great number of boxers, most of which are included in our list.

8. Marvin Hagler

Marvin Hagler

Marvin Hagler was born in the mid 1950s in New Jersey. As he had the feeling that he didn’t get the credit he wanted for the things he accomplished, he decided to change his name to be called Marvelous Marvin Hagler. People think Hagler was the best middleweight boxer in the history of boxing. When he stopped boxing he went to live to Italy, where he started working in the film industry.

9. Sugar Ray Leonard

Sugar Ray Leonard

Sugar Ray Leonard was born in the mid 1950s. He is the embodiment of a technical boxer and a talent when fighting. He had the ability to fight in such a way that his fellow contestants seemed to knuckle under his power. One of the most important fights was with Roberto Duran, when he said the famous “no mas” to stop the fight.

10. George Foreman

George Foreman

George Foreman was born in the late 1940s. He had always been his most important and deadly enemy. After becoming famous and after a terrible fight against Ali in which he lost, he seems to have been really affected on a spiritual level. He decided to call all his names after him because he believes that when you are a boxer you have to be ready to accept the side effects of the profession.


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