Top 10 Banks in the World

There are several financial institutions that are reliable and there are others that try to do their best to complicate your life and get money from your pockets. Let’s see which are those financial institutions that will allow you to feel safe when operating with them and that represent the top 10 banks in the world.

1. Citibank

CitibankThis financial institution first appeared in the 19th century in the city of New York. There’s no doubt that this is the most reliable bank on earth and that it has a great influence in the finance world. We can say that a city is not complete if there isn’t a Citibank branch in it. In the last couple of months the renowned bank has set up branches in several American cities.

2. JP Morgan Chase

This bank appeared a lot earlier than the Citibank and it has holdings of more than two trillion dollars. The financial institution is very popular with clients from all over the world including government offices, entrepreneurs or common people. JP Morgan Chase is worldwide famous for the services related to the credit cards they offer and also for their high-quality commercial banking.


The first HSBC branch was founded twenty years ago in England, where it still has its head office. Forbes magazine tagged it as the biggest financial institution and enterprise on earth in 2011. This is a very successful bank in Asia, where it has staggering investments.

4. Bank of America

When it comes to the aggregate value of a company, the Bank of America seems to have to biggest on earth. The bank has branches in more than 120 cities of the world as a result of Merrill Lynch’s hard work. In the last couple of months, the bank has been offering amazing services for new investors. Some of the competition it has to face comes from Wells Fargo and Citigroup.

5. Credit Agricole Group


It has its head offices in France and it is world famous for the retail banking services it offers. Most Europeans think that Credit Agricole Group is probably the most important one in the banking world not only for the services they provide but also for their commitment to the environment, which customers really appreciate.

6. Royal Bank of Scotland

This financial institution has its head office and more than 650 branches primarily in Scotch territory. It is important to say that even when most Scotch people think that this financial institution has connections with the Bank of Scotland but that’s not real since the Bank of Scotland was founded some time before the Royal Bank.

7. Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group

This financial institution has its head office in Japanese territory and prides itself on holdings of approximately 1.8 trillion dollars. As the Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group joined together with another institution, their popularity has escalated even when the whole joint venture took some time to be finished.

8. Mizuho Financial Group

This is another financial institution with its head office in Tokyo. The Mizuho Financial Group is so popular that it has holdings for over 1 trillion dollars. This means that they have enough resources to be the biggest finance company in the list of top ten banks on earth. It provides traditional banking services as well as consultancy cheques and it has more than seventy thousand employees.


HBOS belongs to the Lloyds Banking Group mainly because its department of insurance has demonstrated its remarkable capabilities every time it’s had to. The bank appeared in the early 2000s and it immediately started to be considered as one of the most important financial institutions in the United Kingdom. It is believed that the acronym HBOS stands for Halifax Bank of Scotland but that’s not certain.

10. BNP Paribas

This bank works not only in London but also in Paris. Forbes magazine claims that it has a privileged position in the list of twenty biggest enterprises on an international level. Apart from that, BNP Paribas possesses shares in different countries across the globe and it seems to be the most powerful. The bank was really lucky to get out of a crucial financial problem in the course of the American economic downturn.


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