Top 10 Deadliest Poisons In The World

A poison is a chemical or substance that is considered very toxic in our body. When induced or has been contact with, this substance can produce drastic effects, including death. Listed below are world ten 10 poisons that are considered the deadliest.

10. Brazilian Wandering Spider Venom

In 2007, this deadly arachnid has been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records with the title of bringing death to the most number of people. This is one of the deadliest poisons that came from Brazilian Wandering Spider, also known as Banana Spider. It is known to be deadly because it contains Neurotoxin. This renders the victim unable to control his or her muscles. The victim will also suffer from respiratory illness. When experiencing the worst level, the victim may be paralyzed and eventually, die. This poison also causes an erection that remains permanent or Priapism.

9. Sarin

Sarin’s name came from the names of the ones who created it, namely Schrader, Ambros, Rudiger and Van der Linde. Compared with cyanide, this poison is more powerful in terms of effect, as much as 25 times more in terms of fatality. Originally, this substance is intended to serve as pesticide when it was created in 1983. After that, it was used as the main component of weapons for mass destruction during wars. It made its appearance in the course of history particularly the attack in Japan in 1995 and in 1988, during the Iran-Iraq war. When a person is exposed in this poison, what happens is that the muscles and glands stop to function.

8. Fiddleback Spider Venom

Another spider in the list is the fiddleback spider or violin spider or brown recluse spider, which gives off poison in its venom. When the poison enters the human body, its first target is the hemoglobin or red blood cells. People with weak immune system take most of the majority cases that have been recorded. This is not only found in spiders but also in skin lesions, skin cancer and Lyme disease. From these sources, the disease releases nonphysiologic products and microemboli in the blood.

7. Amatoxin

Poison can also be found in things that we may consider as food, like mushrooms. The main effects of this poison targets the liver. After that, it will then attack the kidney and also the central nervous system. This often causes difficulty in breathing, diarrhea that includes blood and in worst cases, coma. Some of the bad properties of this poison are that the component will not be destroyed even if dried, it is heat-stable and it cannot be dissolved in water.

6. Strychinne


Like the previous entry, this also came from plants particularly the seeds of the tree of nux vomica. It can also be seen in plants that belong to the genus Strychnos. This poison is discovered in 1818 by chemists Pierre-Joseph Pelletier and Joseph-Bienaime Caventou who came from France. To name some effects of the poison, it increases the stimulus of the spinal cord which results to the simultaneous contraction of the muscles. In terms of taste, this is one of the most bitter substance existing.

5. Beaked sea snake venom

For the record, this creature is widely spread in the waters and is responsible for 90% if the deaths attributed to snake bites. The size of this snake is humongous, ranging until 1.2 meters for the male and at least 1.5 meters for the female. When affected by this poison, a person would experience headache,             vomiting, sweating and thirst. When the poison remained in the body for 30 minutes or so, the person would start to feel tenderness of the muscles, aching and the feeling of being stiff.

4. Potassium cyanide

Be careful of this poison for it might cause you instant death because the substance reacts quickly when a person induces at least a teaspoon of the poison, mixed with water. It can affect the body as quickly as 10 to 20 seconds after taking the solution. The most notable effect of this poison is that it can easily suffocate the person because it makes the cells stop from breathing. This will cause one to pass out and eventually to die.

3. Dart Frog Poison

These frogs are very abundant in the rainforests and at first glance, one would find this beautiful and interesting. But beware, looks may be deceiving, since this creature has a lot of toxicity in its body. Imagine, there are at least 100 kinds of toxins in it skin including batrachotoxin and neurotoxin. The main toxins found in this animal directly target the nerves, particularly those near the heart. This results to respiratory ailments and cardiac arrest leading to coma or death.

2. Ricin

This is also another poison that can be found in plants, particularly castor beans. Ricin is one of the deadliest poisons and it is used as a means of weapon for mass destruction. Ricin enters the cells found in the human body and prevents them to produce proteins. Proteins make the cells alive so without them, the human body may be subjected to harm and eventually die.

1. Botulinum

Incredibly, the number one deadliest poison is commonly found in cosmetic products. A small amount of this poison can allegedly kill more than 1 billion people. Some known effects of this poison are weakness of the muscles, blurred vision, slurred speech, dry mouth and difficulty in swallowing. This also targets the respiratory system and eventually, will cause death due to asphyxia.


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