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List: 5 Brutally Honest Reasons Many African Ladies Are Still Single

When we are faced with the big question as this ” do you wish to be married?   African women should not find it difficult to answer, and this would be because of the extreme values that Africans place on marriage. But now, you will find that African women of the 21st century would find it extremely difficult to answer. As the years have gone by, the value of marriage even in African societies has greatly diminished. Now, if you ever wondered why more and more ladies in Africa are still single, here is the answer to the big “why”…. many are deciding on their own not to be married, while many more are yet to drop their bad behaviors. Read on to see some of the ill conducts African ladies need to drop so they can to say yes to the dress.

5.They Are Now The Men:


Okay, we know that a strong and confident woman always attracts people’s admiration, but nobody wants an extremely strong woman with no soft spot. If acting like a man at work, school, etc works well for you, taking it into your personal life may possibly not work out quite so well. You need to switch into your ladylike personality when you are not at work, school or church where its works better. Quit being such a boss or the kind of lady who brings work to the dining table. Such women use every slight opportunity to talk about work, school and office issues. Let your feminine personality out every single minute especially when you are with friends so they don’t feel intimidated. Don’t feel over the moon when your female friends admire your bossy attitude, think about how your bossy attitude affects the man in your life or someone yet to be. No man wants to be with a woman as strong as he is, so soften up but don’t be too vulnerable.

4.They Focus More On Themselves:


Most ladies who are yet to be married tend to focus a lot of attention on themselves. They think about their appearance, outfits and host of other little things, paying less attention to people around them especially the men in their lives. Some of them don’t really care. They expect the man to be the absolute risk bearer. Yes! they open up their prying eyes looking for flaws where as they are contributing very less to the relationship. Some even go as far as wanting to know everything about the man and yet they keep their personal details strictly personal.  It does not work that way darling, there should be a balance. You really need to put yourself out there and bear part of the risks too.

3.They Snub Particular Types Of Men:



The simple truth is that, generally ladies can be very discriminating to particular types of men. By that I mean how badly they treat men who they don’t consider a prospect. They forget that when the real prospect comes and is interested in you, he might ask some questions around about you. Then, everything will now bother on how you treat men generally. Many ladies forget the that guys unlike the ladies don’t make it a secret when they like and want someone. They tell friends about it without being forced to confess as the ladies. In the course of telling friends about it, they ask people especially other guys who know little or much about you as they believe they are the ones that can tell them exactly how it is.  Now if you are the type that snub men, you might as well forget it.

2.High Expectations With Little Hard Work:


Many ladies in Africa want to get the best man. They want someone who works and saves all his earning where as they make earnings too and spend an insane percentage on hair, makeups, cosmetics, bags, shoes, etc. You should know that being more of what you want in a man is a better way to attract them. You want a God-fearing man but you are yet to build your faith. You better start cutting down your standards if you really want to say yes to the white dress.

1.They Think Their Physical Appearance Will Take Them Far:

make up


Here is the gist, beauty pays off well but still isn’t everything. Being beautiful is a virtue, but humility and hard work are the real deal. Don’t always think about marrying a wealthy guy or a guy with a really, really good job  who would solve all your problems. This is same as living in a fantasy world and will definitely affect your real life choices. If you are really tired of being on the interminable bride-to-be line, you really have to focus less on your beauty, work hard on your own and be more realistic.

Remember that as a lady, your relationship does not define you, so being a single lady does not make you weak or indicate that you have been doing the wrong things ever. This article only points out what you might be doing that may not sit quite well with men, without attaching huge price on marriage as if it is something you can buy from the store.


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