6 Things To Consider Before Having A Holiday Romance

 A holiday romance can be an amazing experience – it’s longer than a one-night stand but less intense than a full-on relationship, and a great way to make your holiday even more fun. But it’s not all walks on the beach and half-price cocktails. There are a few things to consider before diving in.

6 Things to Consider before Having a Holiday Romance

1 You will be tied down. During your holiday, being tied down could hold you back from having the break you really want. Singlehood allows for spontaneity! You could have no responsibilities at all – including a guy to keep happy.

2 You’ll have less time for friends. The summer holiday should be all about time spent with your squad. You don’t want to be cancelling plans with your friends every time this new guy wants to see you. Blowing besties off = not cool…


3 He probably won’t be The One. Your summer fling could just be someone looking for holiday fun. If you expect this to turn into a relationship straight out of a romance novel, you could end up very disappointed.

4 It’s a way to experience someone who might not be ‘your type’. The no-strings arrangement of a summer romance means you can try dating a guy who can introduce you to a bunch of new, exciting experiences. But he may have a few idiosyncrasies that rub you the wrong way.

5 He’s not your boyfriend. That means you have to keep the ‘couple moments’ to a minimum. He’s a great companion for the friend-of-a-friend’s pool party or a group outing to the beach … but he’s not so great for your cousin’s wedding.

6 It has an expiration date. If you’re someone who gets attached easily, a summer fling isn’t the best idea. Most of the time, it’s not built to last much longer than a season. If you’re not a person who can handle good things coming to an end, stay single this summer.


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