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16 Latest Edition Of Celebrities: Then And Now, All Grown Up

It’s time for another check-up on our favorite celebrities. How are they doing? Okay, let’s be honest, most of us are more interested in what they’re doing and even more so, how they look while they’re doing it.

So let’s investigate a little.

Here’s your latest edition of Celebrities: Then and Now.

1. Taylor Momsen

From How the Grinch Stole Christmas to Gossip Girl to a music tour.
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via Facebook / Taylor Momsen

2. Bruno Mars

Still a great entertainer.
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via Facebook / Bruno Mars
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via Facebook / Bruno Mars

3. Blake Lively


From Gossip Girl to supermom.

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via SGranitz / Wire Image | Fashion Magazine
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via Allure Magazine | US Magazine

4. Aaron Carter

From child star to…well, the audio CD below is available for literally a penny so…

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via Amazon
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5. Haley Joel Osmet

Still posing for the camera, just a different kind.
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via kid actors
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via The Smoking Gun

6. Christie Brinkley

Still flawless.

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via Godron M. Grant | Newsday
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via Instagram / @christiebrinkley

7. Matthew McConaughey

Still the cutest.
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via Seth Popple / Yearbook Library | People
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via Facebook / Matthew McConaughey

8. Karyn Parsons

Still keeping it fresh.

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via NNBD
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via Twitter / @Karyn_Parsons

9. Ariana Grande

That smile!

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via Pinterest / <3 ARIANA <3 GRANDE
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via Dicandia Fashion

10. Zac Efron

Always ready for his close-up.

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via Facebook / Zac Efron
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via Facebook / Zac Efron

11. Aubrey Drake Graham

He started from the bottom and now he’s here at Marquee!

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via started from the bottom
New Post 45
via Facebook / Drake

12. Iggy Azalea Paraguay

Yes, she’s always been so fancy.
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via Twitter / @IggyParaguay
New Post 49
via Instagram / @thenewclassic

13. Tyra Banks

From awkward teen to beauty queen.

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via Tyra Banks / abc NEWS
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via Facebook / Tyra Banks

14. Kim Kardashian

Always striking a pose.
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New Post 57

15. Lisa Vanderpump

Lovely as ever.

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via Bravo
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via Facebook / Lisa Vanderpump

16. Seth Rogen

All grown up, but still a kid at heart.

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via Facebook / Seth Rogen
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