5 Reasons Why You Should Marry A Yoruba Lady

While women from some tribes are believed to have certain skill sets, some are generally believed not to measure up to the standards of others because of a perceived trend.

Many people analyse these behaviours based on their experiences with one or two women from the same tribe they have come across in their lifetime.

However, it should be noted that although some special behaviours have been attached to women from various tribes, it DOES NOT WORK TOTALLY FOR all the women in the tribe. The assumptions are just based on the common thing you will see most women from the area do. has however, put together 5 reasons why you should consider marrying a Yoruba lady.

1. Yoruba Ladies Are Very Respectful

The moment a child is born in Yorubaland, the onus of training is on everybody around the baby, not just the parents. This has made it very easy to inculcate habits like being respectful in the young child. Yoruba ladies are brought up to totally give obeisance to whoever it is due. The Yoruba culture opines that when a youngster meets an elder, she must kneel down to greet as a sign of respect. All these and more are why Yoruba ladies top the list of respectful tribes in Nigeria.

2. Yoruba Ladies Are Highly Enlightened

Education, they say, is light. A high percentage of ladies from Yoruba tribe take school seriously, which gives them an edge over other ladies from other tribes in Nigeria. A typical Yoruba lady would prefer to go to school, get certified before thinking of marriage, which is rare in some tribes. This help them strategise their lives well enough; get prepared for the future before jumping into it.

3. Yoruba Ladies Are Family-Oriented


The same way every young child is taught how to be respectful no matter the situation is the same way a Yoruba ladies are taught how to always put their immediate families first no matter what. They are brought up with the notion that a friend will one day leave but family will forever be family. This trait can make a man fall in love over and over again with the same woman who has perfected the act of keeping her family together.

4. Yoruba Ladies Age Gracefully

Because most Yoruba ladies keep themselves before marriage, there are better chances for them to look way younger than their real age. They are ever agile even in old age to tend to their family. Just like fine old wine, Yoruba ladies get stronger as they grow older. This has been an unexplainable trait.

5. Yoruba Ladies Are Hardworking

A lot of Yoruba ladies grew up with the teachings of self-reliance. This is because at a tender age, they get taught about how to do major household chores and how to exceptionally take care of the house, the man of the house and the children. Every man want attention

Yoruba Lady


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