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In Africa: Outrageous finding why most women are contracting HIV more than prostitutes

Outrageous finding confirmed that the suspected fears surrounding this delicate issue. It has been shun off and people hate talking about itTwenty five per cent of married men in Nairobi have unprotected s** with their mistresses, according to an exclusive Ipsos survey commissioned by The Nairobian last month.

When you consider that some married women are just as promiscuous, and that many women have resigned to the fate that their husbands will cheat, Nairobi could be sitting on a ticking HIV time bomb. According to the National Aids and STI Control Programme (NASCOP), 44 per cent of new HIV infections in Nairobi occur among “stable and married couples”.


This is way higher than the 14 per cent of new infections among s** workers and their clients. But why would a married man have unprotected s**, risking both his life and that of his wife and the future of his children? A 45-year-old city accountant who asked not to be named because he is “happily married” says “it just happens”.

“You use protection one or two times, but as time goes by and you become familiar with each other, you gradually start having unprotected s**, even without necessarily planning to do so. At that point, you can only….


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