Unbelievable!!! See What Tanzanian President Was Doing On The Streets

Instead of parade and jubilation, Tanzanians and their president, John Magufuli, marked their independence day on Wednesday, December 9, by cleaning the streets.

Reports have it that President John Magufuli and several other top officials who picked up trash around the capital, Dar es Salaam, as part of a nationwide clean-up exercise. President Magufuli who was elected recently has said earlier that he was canceling the traditional festivities that accompany the country’s independence day in order to cut down cost.


The clean-up exercise is aimed at beautifying the country and distancing it from outbreak of diseases. Aside from cancelling the independence day festivities, the Tanzanian president has also banned foreign travel for most officials with a large portion of state dinner budget slashed. He has arrested several officials for alleged graft in just a few month of his administration. The newly-elected president’s efforts have been welcomed by Tanzanians.


See photos of their Independence day cleaning below:

The president busy with cleaning









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