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All economic indicators available can easily point to the fact that, the current achievements’ President Mahama has made with Ghana after his appointment and election as President of the country is very similar to that of the Biblical Prodigal Son’s story after his inheritance was given to him by his wealthy father.

Note, with the Holy Bible as our source of reference, the Prodigal Son cheaply acquired his wealth by forcefully collecting the share of his inheritance from his father when he was not yet ripe to have it.

After a collection of his inheritance, he lost all of it through his mismanagement which eventually brought him to a zero account balance.

After reaching his zero account balance, he then fell prey to a very wicked rich man(a man who was so wicked that, he won’t even give him food to eat), whom he worked with as his servant by taking care of his pigs.

The above story of the Prodigal Son is very similar to that of President Mahama’s story ever since his appointment and election as President of Ghana till now and below is the prove of it.

Note, John Mahama was appointed President after the late Ex-President Atta Mills’ death and that eventually got him a cheap flagbearership position through an endorsement because, the time was too short for the NDC to go for a congress for a competitive election to choose a flagbearer, just like how the Prodigal Son cheaply acquired his wealth without a sweat.

Secondly, President Mahama eventhough was handed a very wealthy economy by the late Ex-President Atta Mills, has still been able to bring it down to its current mess Ghana finds itself in, just like how the Prodigal Son messed up his wealth that was given to him by his wealthy Father.


Note, in 2009, under the leadership of the late Ex-President Atta Mills, President Obama described Ghana as the rising star of Africa but in 2014, under the leadership of President Mahama, the reowned Financial Times wrote that, Ghana has tarnished her rising star image.

Lastly, President Mahama out of confusion over his mess of the buoyant economy he was handed had no choice than go for an IMF BAILOUT for this Bretton Wood institution to cruelly manage Ghana with very hard measures/conditions just as the Prodigal Son has no choice than to hand himself to the wicked richman for survival.

Some of the indicators to prove our above claim are as below;

President Mahama inherited 14.4% GDP growth rate from the late Ex-President Atta Mills and has brought it to as low as 4.0%.

President Mahama again inherited a 1.9 cedis to a dollar from the late Ex-President Atta Mills and depreciated it to a peak of 4.6 cedis per dollar before moving it up to its current 3.8 cedis to a Dollar.

Furthermore, NDC of which the now President Mahama was the Vice President then, inherited a record of 12% interest rate from NPP under Ex-President Kuffour’s governance but he has managed to bring it now to a record high of 36% under his governance as President.

In conclusion, Critical Thinkers International will want to advice that, just as the Prodigal son went back to his father’s house to gain a better live, Ghanaians should also do a similar thing with respect to President Mahama, so that, they can start living good again and that should either be through forcing President Mahama to do the right thing to the benefit of them or getting rid of him and the NDC completely for a better party through the 2016 elections.

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