15 Thoughts Every Man Has About The Female Body

15. Stretch Marks…What Stretch Marks?

Men are so enamored and enjoying the rest of your body that, those stretch marks that you are super self-conscious about? They barely notice. Do you notice the freckle between his big toe and his second toe? No? That’s what stretch marks are like for men!

Confidence is one of the most attractive things you can have and when you’re so wrapped up in trying to conceal parts of your body or you feel your brain going 200 mph thinking about what he is thinking about, how are you enjoying anything?! Try and relax and enjoy the experience. Easier said than done, right? If you really are that self-conscious about your stretch marks aside from taking an extreme step and getting them surgically removed, there is something you can do to help conceal them and hopefully make you feel less self-conscious. Self tanner is a godsend! It conceals spider veins, blotchy and uneven skin, and yes even stretch marks!

14. Your Butt

Men love curves and your butt is naturally round and curved. All women, regardless of size, have a butt. There’s a reason why all the ancient statues of women like the famous Venus of Willendorf have very accentuated butts, because men were the ones creating the statues!

Now if you feel your man is lingering a little too long in that general area he might be thinking more about trying something a little different or just fantasizing about doing something different than admiring the curves.

13. Leave The Lights On


Men are visual creatures. They want to see your beautiful body. Men love having sex with the lights on. Men want to be able to see as much as they can of the woman they are with. If you are a hide-under-the-covers-lights-off-kind-of-girl, try something a little different next time you do the deed. Leave a desk lamp on or light some candles. Set the mood and relax by finding a good romantic Pandora station. “Let’s Get It On.”-Marvin Gaye

12. Lips


If you have thin lips or Angelina Jolie lips, your lips provide tantalizing feelings as they move their way across their body. Lips are one of the most erogenous places on the body. The simple act of locking lips sends off a wave of hormones and neurotransmitters that act like a pinball machine knocking against different regions of the body and essentially ‘turning them on’.

11. Breasts


Men love breasts! If you are talking to a man and he isn’t looking at your eyes, trust us, he is looking at your chest. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

There are men that love an athletic, flat-chested look like Kate Hudson. There are men that love the voluptuous look like Kate Upton. It all comes down to personal preference. If you are in a long-term monogamous, happy relationship then trust us, he loves what God gave you. When you’re having sex and he is giving more attention to your chest than anywhere else, just remember that he is essentially a kid in his own personal toy store.

10. A Woman’s Crown & Glory


Men love a woman’s head of hair. From watching her nervously twirl it to when she throws it in a messy bun to lounge around the house. Longer is not necessarily better but most men are not fans of the pixie haircut. Guys are also keen on a woman having hair that is touchable. Hair that doesn’t have sticky hairspray residue or shellacked with hair gel. Have a stray gray hair or roots that have grown out? Men don’t notice these things. They rarely notice when a woman goes and chops 6 inches off and dyes it from blonde to purple.

9. Cellulite

You can be trim and fit and have cellulite. Cellulite doesn’t discriminate against size or even age. Guess what? That cellulite on the backs of your upper thighs? It doesn’t matter to a guy. Guys don’t understand what all the fuss is about. A well-proportioned figure is 10 times more important than if a woman has a bit of cellulite.

You can loathe your cellulite but don’t let it keep you from breaking out your teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini in the summer. The majority of people have cellulite somewhere on their body. It isn’t necessarily due to your diet or fitness level. Genetics plays a huge role in whether you will get cellulite, too. If guys don’t care, neither should you.

8. Feet


Men love a woman’s feet but not for how cute they are (although, yes, I’m sure you have cute feet). They love them because they’re always cold and you always use it as an excuse to get a little closer. They also love when your feet find their way over to his side of the bed in the middle of the night. Feet are an erogenous part of your body and when your feet meet his feet, it is almost the same emotional connection that you would get from a kiss.


7. Weight


Let’s address the elephant in the room (no pun intended). Does a woman’s weight matter to a guy? What are his thoughts on weight? Good news ladies! No need to try and achieve squeezing into double zero jeans. Men love a woman that isn’t going to blow away if a breeze comes along. Althoughweight doesn’t really matter, being fit and having tone does. No, you don’t have to be chiseled with a 6-pack to be considered fit. Men are physically attracted to women that take pride in their health and appearance. There is nothing wrong with going to the gym a couple times a week or doing outdoor activities like biking, cross-country skiing, walking, etc. As a couple you could even do some of these outdoor activities together!

6. Posture


Posture! Are you standing up straight and tall or slouched over with shoulders hunched? Men notice how a woman carries herself. A woman that is standing up straight and tall would get a man’s attention before a woman that is slouched over. Posture dictates your confidence level. Confidence is arguably one of the most attractive traits a person can have. Another reason to practice standing up straight and tall is it makes you look slimmer!

5. Eyes


William Shakespeare said it best when he said, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” Men find a woman’s eyes mysterious and intriguing even without the swipes of black liner and triple-volumizing mascara. Eyes can tell you a lot about a person. From being sad to being curious or disappointed, your eyes will sometimes say more than your mouth will.

Elizabeth Taylor was well-known for her alluring violet colored eyes and exceptionally long eyelashes. They added to her mysterious, sex-kitten type persona. Angelina Jolie is also known for her dramatic eyes. She has very intense eyes that give her an aggressive, alpha female quality.

4. Body Hair & Skin


Men love the feeling of a woman’s skin. Men are used to feel their own rough skin with coarse hair from their chests to their legs. A woman’s skin feels sensual and soft. One of the favorite things your guy secretly loves to do is spoon while enjoying skin to skin contact. Curling up with you and feeling your silky soft skin against their own feels incredible.

What if you don’t like to shave or wax? Thankfully a woman’s hair tends to be a little softer than a man’s hair so your skin will still feel much softer than their own. They probably won’t even notice the winter coat on your legs. Now what about the hair down there? There are exceptions to the ‘rule’ of course, but men love a completely smooth playing field. It doesn’t matter if you decide to wax or shave, keeping it hair free is a visual orgasm for men. If you don’t want to go all out and wax it all, just keep it tidy. An overgrown forest is something you definitely don’t want, especially if you’re planning on any sexual exploits anytime soon.

3. Scent


Women are extremely self-conscious about smell especially around our female parts. Women have certain odors that tend to be stronger at certain times of the month. There are douches, cleansers, and sprays especially made to be used down there. What do men honestly think about your smell? Men do notice smells, however, what smells gross to you might be something your guy doesn’t even notice or actually likes! Now obviously all smells down there are not desirable. Smells that are caused by poor hygiene, infection, or even dehydration can alter the smell in your feminine region. Smells also change over the course of the month due to hormones. A type of hormone called pheromones are a type of sex signal scent that is released when a woman is ovulating. Men are attracted to the scent even though they can’t consciously smell it.

If you are really concerned about your smell, try getting intimate in a bubble bath or shower, and then move along to the bedroom. You’ll be relaxed and less self conscious which will greatly improve your love-making experience!

2. Muffin Tops & Love Handles

You put on a pair of jeans and you get that slight bulge around the top edge of your jeans. You grumble and groan as you try and find a top that covers and doesn’t cling. You do not want any signs of a bulge showing. God forbid your guy sees you bending over to pick something up and catches a glimpse of your love handles! He would probably dump you on the spot! What would he think of you? Your butt. That’s right. He wouldn’t think anything of you because when you bent over to pick something up he saw your butt not your love handles! It’s a great thing to have such a distracting thing like your butt paired so closely to an area you desperately want to conceal.

1. Barefaced & Beautiful


Ditch the makeup! That’s right. Your guy loves your natural beauty, flaws and all. He not only loves your natural beauty, he will get all warm and fuzzy inside when he sees you without your security blanket of makeup.

Do you remember that feeling of being a kid and just being able to jump out of bed and run out the door to play with your next door neighbor–without even stopping to check a mirror?! Bring a little of that feeling into your relationship. How amazing would the feel to be so carefree again? If you’re in the early stages of a relationship and aren’t quite ready for such a drastic step try out a CC cream. A CC cream will cover up any uneven skin tones and blotches. It will just give your complexion and confidence a little boost.


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