15 advantages only short girls who date tall guys know about and understand

Despite the tip-toe stands and all the tiny jumps, dating a tall guy definitely has it’s advantages …

1. The only way to kiss is to do your best ballerina tip-toe attempt. Plus it’s practically an abs blast class.

2. You have to get creative with selfies. It’s the only way.

3. He will pick you up. Like for real. All the romance. All of it.

4. So many forehead kisses. Because your forehead is right there, ready to be kissed.

5. You can wear 6-inch heels and STILL be shorter than him. Boom.

6. There’s a pretty big chance your kids will be tall. Just sayin’

7. You kinda don’t line up in bed. And your face is like forced to kiss his nipples (not complaining BTW).


8. It’s like having your own personal bodyguard. Is this my private security detail?! YUP.

9. Needing to give up all the leg room for him. I could basically live in this leg room, there is SO much space.

10. He’ll use you as his own personal armrest. Erm, excuse me? Get off.

11. Slow dancing. Just no. I can’t even reach his shoulders FFS.

12. He does make you feel all kinds of dainty though. You could probably fit right there in his pocket.

13. Can’t reach that top shelf?! Fear not. Your problems are over.

14. Shopping for him is a ball-ache. I will never complain about not finding clothes that fit EVER again.

15. He will occasionally take the p*ss out of your shortness. Only occasionally.


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