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15 Reasons Why The Best Women Are Single – According to a Relationship Specialist!!

The vast majority of male opinion think it is very easy for a woman to pair. You just need to know how to cook and take care of yourself and you’re done.
And yet, according to ‘okdakar, a love specialist’, it is clear that we all have around us a beautiful, beautiful, kind, intelligent woman … who is always alone. But then what can be the source of this solitude in these exceptional women?
1. They know their value and do not brave themselves to anyone
They have a high self-image. They know exactly what they are worth, but also what they want. They have a very high standard of living and do not rub shoulders with anyone.
2.They intimidate men
With all the gift that nature has given them (beauty, intelligence, and / or strong personality …), some men prefer not to even approach them for fear of “taking a rake”.
3.They do not envy the others
They do not need to compare themselves to others because they have heard so many stories of couples that do not work.
4. They do not try to do like everyone else
So much better for her girlfriends who are in couple and who have founded a family because they do not try to “model” their life. They have their own path and ambitions.
5. They are very independent
To have a financial situation, luxury, psychological well-being or social life, they do not necessarily need a male presence on their side. They are independent in all aspects of life.
6. They are afraid of failure
They prefer to wait until they have the necessary guarantees before going into a couple for fear of separating soon after.
7.It focuses on their careers
Most of them are single because the priority in their lives is to make a mark in society, have a good professional career. They do not want a man to feel complicated by their professional success.
8.They are very demanding
They are very selective and wish that the man who shares their daily lives meets their expectations on all levels.
9.Some men do not understand them
They sometimes feel misunderstood. Their way of being, thinking, or acting leaves people speechless. They do not necessarily know how to deal with them.
10.They are integral
The best women, always single, are authentic. They do not want to live a life that is not theirs under the pretext that they want to have a ring on their finger. They remain true and equal to themselves no matter what happens.
11. They are so unique that it is difficult to find shoes at their feet
They are rare. They have something special and they know it. They want to find the one who really deserves them, which is not easy.
12. Their priority in life is not to find someone
Marriage is not an end in itself for them. Their priorities are to seek to realize their projects, and to fulfill themselves first and foremost.
13. They do not care about the biological clock
They do not pair themselves with the first man who came on the pretext that they are getting older and that it is imperative to make children. They are aware of the time that passes but want above all to find the right person.
14.They are looking to improve
These women first want to become the best version of themselves before being half of another. They seek to improve their life, their personality, their financial condition before they become partners. They know that the best investment is the one you make yourself.


15. They know that their time will come
They keep the faith in all circumstances while remaining reassured that the right moment will arrive and that they will not escape.


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