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15 Famous African Women Who Have Kept Their Black Complexion

Faced with sanding and all other practices helping to thin the skin, they chose the way of preserving their natural complexion, their beautiful black skin. The others often pretext that a clearer complexion is a condition for success. The maxim that “water is washed, silver makes clean” to allude to the artificial de-pigmentation of some famous women does not apply to those ladies who make a whole people, a whole continent, A whole race. Wanda People discover with us this top 15 African celebrities who have preserved their black complexion.

Genevieve Nnaji

It is a canon of African beauty. Considered the Angelina Jolie of the African continent because of her impressive career in the world of cinema, Genevieve Nnaji is a marvel. And no need to distort his complexion to have the recognition of all. Geneviève Nnaji has been black since birth and all the money she has earned has not been enough to “wash” her complexion.

Angelique Kidjo

The Beninese Angelique Kidjo is the prototype of the black female success on the planet. With her coal black complexion, the diva has made the entire world of music unanimous as to her level by winning her own 3 Grammy Awards . Like what, one does not need to resemble the whites to show that one has talent.

Charlotte Dipanda

No need to introduce Charlotte Dipanda Wanda Peeps. The diva of Cameroonian music, which was recently observed in the jury of the very first season of the reality television The Voice Africa is undoubtedly one of the best ambassadresses of black skins. And it is certainly not you who will tell us the opposite.


Claudia Tagbo

NANCY le 21/11/14
Claudia TAGBO
photo pierre MATHIS

The sulphurous Claudia Tagbo has earned a reputation in the world of stand-up art and cinema in France. His shows bring together a lot of fans who just want to laugh at the Ivoirienne’s gates.


Rama yade

If Senegalese Rama Yade is now famous as a politician, the presidential candidate in France is an example of integration in the country of tonton Holland. No need to sand the skin for the French establishment to accept it, the go has remained black waxed since its first appearances in the media until today.

Mercy Johnson

She is certainly one of the richest actresses in the Nigerian film industry. But, she never used a product to become clear. As a good African, Mercy Johnson, despite her enormous occupations, always finds time to offer her husband beautiful babies (4 children in 10 years of marriage).



She is the new repository of the stylistic heritage of the Cameroonian divas. With her 100% African hairstyles and especially her ebony skin that has never taken a whitish hue, the Cameroonian Reniss , author of the hit title ” La Sauce “, is today a model in terms of success without njansang.


Aïssa Maïga

We made you discover it in 2012 while it was the cover of the magazine Fashizblack . The Gambian and Malian actress Aïssa Maïga shines in the middle of French cinema with her chocolate complexion that characterizes her and that her audience appreciates.


Alek Wek

Alek Wek is a Sudanese model. She was hailed for her influence on the perception of beauty in the fashion industry. Its host (the US), did not remove any dose of melanin to its skin. And contrary to what many people think, this is rather successful.



Oscarine Mbikulu (Tata Osca)

She belongs to the new generation of humor made in africa. Becoming famous thanks to videos published on social networks, the Congolese Tata Osca defends and highlights its African values ​​and especially its ebony skin. Enough to feast his 350,000 followers on Instagram.


Marie Christine beugré

Marie Christine beugré

She is a star in Côte d’Ivoire’s Wanda Peeps. Marie Christine Beugré and her angelic smile, the fetish presenter of the weather on the Ivorian national channel Rti1, illuminates the daily viewers with its radiant black complexion. A quality that seduces. Reason why the starlet is now muse of a cosmetic brand.

Daphne Njie

It belongs to the rising stars of African urban music. Cameroonian Daphne Njie, the recent Afrimma winner in Lagos, Nigeria, is also part of this new generation of black women who assume themselves as they are and who do not need to depigment their skin to succeed.

Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o

It is the muse of black beauty in Hollywood cinema. Accustomed to the cover of the biggest people magazines on the planet, the Kenyan Lupita Nyongo’o is a model in the promotion of black can. No trace of stripping, his complexion shines in front of the projectors of the cameras, to the delight of his fans that are found all over the world.


Coumba Gawlo

Singer Senegalese griotte, Coumba Gawlo Seck is nicknamed the golden voice of Senegal. Africa has enjoyed its melodies, it has a collection of … keep yourself well … 3 koras. An African diva, remained black.


Tiwa Savage

The Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage is also one of the best representatives of the black skins on the planet. The artist who recently joined the label of the king Jay-Z, did not need to touch his delicious ebony skin to access the world music summit.

Congratulations to all those ladies who are assuming and proudly showing their beautiful skin color, symbol of their beauty. How success is not conditioned by your skin color contrary to what we want us to believe. What do you think of Wanda People?


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