15 Brilliant Ads That Will Brighten Your Day (Photos)

Companies do not spend lots of money on brilliant ads for nothing. Huge companies know the importance of advertisements because we are largely visual people who would not consume things if we do not believe what we want can be gotten out from it.

However, some advertising agencies have taken the bar up a notch to deliver widely amusing and insanely creative brilliant ads. Let us have a look at 15 of them.

1. The Back Seat Is No Safer

seat belt brilliant ad

Because sometimes people need a visual explanation of how it happens when one does not heed safety precautions. This brilliant ad clearly shows that using the backseat doesn’t make a passenger exempt from using a seat belt, considering that car accidents are no respecter of seat locations.

2. Sky Blue… Literally

berger sky paint brilliant ad

This ad was produced by JWT agency in India for Berger’s natural finish colours. What better way to say  “natural finish colours” than to actually have your man-made paint perfectly match a natural colour.

3. 3M Security Glass –

security glass brilliant ad

What better way to show you can make security glass than to actually fill your glass with 3 million dollars as a bait to burglars–and still have it intact despite various tries to have it shattered

4. Better Than A Lamborghini

daihatsu creative copy writing ad

This humorous ad about a Daihatsu van which picks up more women than a Lamborghini–literally– is an example of a creative and brilliant ad.

5 Strong Teeth.

formula tooth care brilliant ad
Teeth strong enough to tear apart the Vinyl billboard. Although clearly impossible, it sends home the message.

6. Extremely Sharp Razor Blade

extremely sharp razor blade brilliant ad

So sharp it cuts through stray birds flying over it.

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7. Global Warming Awareness Pool

global warming brilliant ad

Due to increase in the earth’s surface temperature, the world is practically melting and becoming warmer. Scientists predict that if global warming persists at this rate, the rise in sea-level will be so enormous and lead to the constant flooding, especially of coastal cities. And it could look very much like the image painted in this pool.


8. Mega-Watt Smile

dental care brilliant ad

Best dental care for teeth that shines bright like these bright bulbs. Putting the Mega-Watt in Mega-Watt smile.

9. Ocean Littering

ocean littering brilliant ad

A straightforward and brilliant ad about ocean littering which is simple but speaks volumes.

10. Brexit

brexit brilliant ad

What was all that fuss about Brexit? Nigeria experienced it before the European Union when the British colonial masters granted them independence and left the west African country.

11. Martial arts

martial arts brilliant ad

This brilliant ad about martial leaves one message–they mean business.

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12. Sugar-free

sugar-free brilliant ad

Photoshopped or not, this is a great ad that does not require any heading. If the ants are not attracted to it, then it is indeed sugar-free–clear message.

13. Be a Superhero

superhero brilliant ad

You do not need a spandex and vibrant coloured cape to be a superhero, just donate blood and you could be like spiderman, or “blood man” as in this ad.

14. Anti-Poaching

anti-poaching brilliant ad

The reason animal poaching continues to thrive despite the global campaign against poachers is due to the simple economic forces of demand and supply. The World Wildlife Fund as this ad aptly depicts explains that the poaching business is a chain that if stopped in one section will result in the fall of the entire chain of operations.

15. Just do it

just do it nike brilliant ad

This Nike ad is a blow to procrastinators, so whatever you’ve wanted to do for a long time, Just do it– even if it is getting that new pair of Nikes.


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