Photos: India Woman Delivers 11 kids in One delivery “1 boy” And “10 Girls”

Photos:  Indian woman Delivers 11 kids in One delivery “One boy” And “10 Girls”  According to medical journals, multiple births can occur either by natural causes, such as the woman who ovulates more than one egg per month, in which case they can all be fertilized, or she produces just one egg, but it divides shortly after fecundation, hence resulting in multiple embryos. Multiple births are nowadays more and more often as a result of infertility treatments such as In Vitro Fertilization. This is the procedure which “implants” more than one fertile egg in a womans womb, in hopes that at least one will be accepted by the body. Also, the use of fertility drugs can lead to multiple egg ovulation, hence multiple babies.

But how many babies can a womb carry? As many of you are well aware, sextuplets (six babies at one shot) are no longer a rarity these days. In fact, more and more cases of women giving birth to 6 healthy babies are registered. But what would you say about 7 babies at once?
In 1997, the first medical case of surviving healthy septuplets was recorded in the United States. Three girls and four boys were born with sizes raging from 3 lbs and 4 ounces to just barely 15 ounces. Ironically, the smallest baby was the one who had no permanent health issues, but sadly, 2 of the babies have cerebral palsy.
You think 7 isn’t amazing enough? How about 8 babies at once?

In 1998 a set of octuplets was born in Houston,Texas. The first of the babies was delivered 15 weeks premature, while the remaining twins were kept inside the womb for two more weeks, and then delivered by a Caesarean section. Unfortunately, the tiniest of them died after just one week, but the remaining 7 are alive, well, and enjoying life. Watch Video Below:


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