Top 10 Countries With The Worst Drivers In The World

When we were young and unexposed to some basic realities of life, we usually take everything as fun even when it’s death-dealing and filled with risks. For instance, driving is generally said to be fun but at the same, it has claimed untold number of lives in the world over.

What could possibly be the causes of this when it is expected to be otherwise, something to keep us doing things at the right time while taking the stresses of having to trek some long distances to our various destinations?

After going through some possible reasons why traveling with vehicles are laden with dangers, we come to the very conclusions that driving habits in various countries around the world is the major reason why traveling with vehicles pose much dangers.

As we narrow our searches further, we were able to come up with at least some 20 countries in the world with worst drivers and higher cases of road mishaps. We know very well that traffic conditions vary the world over due to some conditions peculiar to them and their environment, but one thing that these countries have in common is that any mistakes arising from every form of driving usually lead to accidents which at times takes along with it some precious human lives.

Life is good and highly valued but recklessness on the part of the drivers, traffic laws enforcement agencies, or bad road itself cannot replace a human life once it’s gone.

We want to keep you aware in case you are traveling to any of the listed countries so as to be fully aware of what to expect, either to make plans of driving your self or want to keep a tab if the country you are planning to visit falls into our list.

We are analyzing this based on the reports of the World Health Organization (WHO) projection of road traffic death rate per 100,000 of the  population.

After comparing the results, we came to discover that most of these countries with the worst drivers are found in developing nations, hence it will be of interest to follow along as we look at these countries together and try to know what contribute most to the problems of each of the selected countries and see the needed precautions to take if we have plans of visiting any of the listed countries.

#10. South Africa

Multiple accident in S/A because of inpatient driving | Photo credits:

At the tip of the African continent, sits this great country with some great network of quality roads, but whose drivers made our list as one of the worst in the world and this is traceable to the general temperament and skills of the drivers.

#9 Nigeria

A typical experience of what it's like to drive in Nigeria | Photo credits:

The road conditions in this country are generally bad and the never ending heavy constructions constantly going on in it, coupled with heavy traffics with most of drivers stressed up due to traffic congestion in major parts of the country. And to worsen the situation there, some drivers hardly exercise patient.

#8. Venezuela

Venezuelan | Photo credits:


This country has a road network of over 1,00,000 with everything there intact because most portions of their road is paved, but how come they are making our list here as among the countries with the worst drivers? Enough indication is pointing to lack of adequate training for the drivers in the country.

#7. Guinea Bissau

A scene of an accident in Guinnea Bissau |

The road condition in this country is so bad and the possibilities of fixing it look highly because of the poverty rate in the country. The fatality rate in the road related accident is 32.2, aside from that, the general mortality rate look so dire generally speaking.

#6 Chad

common experience in Chad road | Photo credit:

This country has a lot to do in terms of their road network. It is still quite under developed and unstable, at times the road can even remaining unusable for months due to desert dusts with the fatality rate as high as 29.7.

#5 Uganda

Some of gory scene of accidents in Uganda | Photo credits:

This country with Motorcycles and Taxis as their common mode of transport are most prone to road mishaps because of being under developed with most of their roads remaining a death trap.

#4. Iraq

Saudi Highway in Iraq | Photo credits:

The name alone conjures up calamity due to the prevalent turmoil in the region but the drivers there are not helping matters as they are said to be highly notorious with death rate from road crashes moving to significant 31 per 1,00,000 residents.

#3. Thailand.

Thailand driver |Photo credits:

Thailand comes up in our list of where the worst drivers could be found in the world, no thanks to their bad traffic conditions. The country is said to be the most disruptive and unruly in the world when it comes to driving. Don’t just make the mistake of trying to drive yourself if not you may not live to tell the story.

#2 Oman

Traffic Jam in Oman city | Photo credits: times of

This Arabian country ruled by a sultanate is known for risky driving among them. Most of their roads unpaved coupled with sandstorms and dust storm raised by by the summer winds are some of the unfortunate reasons while driving in the region is risky. The rowdy drivers on the roads do act as if they have an extra life at home.

#1 Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic | Photo credits:

The major problem of this country is that the drivers there hardly follow traffic rules and regulations. One can even make a u turn on the express with speed while making more uses of their horns than brakes. The drivers there are rascal in nature with too many deaths to show for it.


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