Meet Sisters who gave birth 15 minutes apart in Dominican Republic

two sisters
Two sisters gave birth to baby girls 15 minutes. The young women are from the Dominican Republic and speak no English. When they spoke to ABC News through an interpreter, they described a chaotic scene where older sister, Yely Gonzalez, began having contractions and brought her younger sister to the hospital for moral support.


Estafany Gonzalez wasn’t due for several days but while the older sister was being examined, she went into labor. A few minutes later, the younger sister’s contractions escalated into labor too. Their poor grandmother was kept busy running back and forth from sister to sister as the babies came into the world, they said.

The near-simultaneous births were not planned, the sisters said. But they consider it a blessing that both their babies were born on the same day. The sisters, each who already have a two-year old, have always been best friends and only live a few minutes apart.

They hope the two cousins will grow up to be close. Like sisters, they said.


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