How to juggle motherhood and career

Juggling motherhood and career is very hard and harder if you are a CEO

Here are some tips that can be of help:

Make your money work for you

Being a CEO, most likely means that your bank account would look nice; so instead of trying to do everything yourself (you are not superhuman) make your money work for you. Employ the services of nannies from trusted nanny service providers. Be sure to scrutinize the nanny service provider before leaving your kids in care of strangers though.


Leave your CEO toga at work


While in the office you may be seen as the iron lady, at the home front you still have to play your motherly roles as much as possible. Make out time every now and then to prepare your husband’s favorite meals. Create time to catch up with the kids as regard their school work and general wellbeing. Take time out to make those special phone calls before they go to bed especially if you can’t make it home on time.


Make phone calls to your family members as often as possible

As a busy career woman, you probably spend most of your time in meetings.  Make it a point of duty to check up on your family as often as possible.


Scoring a hundred percent in both career and family is definitely not a stroll in the park. It comes with a lot of self-sacrifice. Then again, nothing good comes easy.


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