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The 10 Oldest Person Alive In The World (At #1 is an African-American, Susannah Jones)

Susannah Mushatt Jones |Photo credit: Guinness Book of Records
Susannah Mushatt Jones |Photo credit: Guinness Book of Records
Life is good and everyone alive in the world want to live long and if possible forever without dying. On the average, humans live between 70 and 80 years. Those who exceed that range and goes between 90-100+ are always celebrated and decorated with all kinds of medals in recognition of their longevity. We have had those that lived long enough like Adam = 930 years. Methuselah = 969 years and all other pre-flood humans that stayed long enough to see close to their tenth generations; but hey,  that’s not where our focus is on this post because those ones have lived and died long ago.

Now we are looking at those in our modern day that could be said to be the oldest and in fact, the oldest person alive in the world today. So for us to really do that and pick the oldest person alive in the world today, we have to isolate ten oldest persons from around the world and then run through their dates of births and other statistics that could be of help for us to really determine the one who comes first as the oldest person alive in the world today.

Follow along as we take with us the search lights and embark on this interesting journey of fishing out the oldest person alive in the  world and some of the secrets to their longevity that could as well be of help to us because if there are other things that humans wishes to do early in life; I doubt if death comes at all close to the list.

10. Elle Mälberg | Estonia

Female, born on April 10 1907 and  she is 108 years in 2015.She was by profession, a biology teacher who had thought thousands of children during her active years at school and was also a founding member of Estonian Women Defense League in the early 1930s having been in choirs and equally participated in folk dancing groups for the greater part of her life.

Elle Mälberg|Photo credit:

She is still currently enjoying her life in the comfort of her home in Räpina Estonia where has honorary citizen. Ask her the secret to staying longer and remaining active, and she would happily reply with a hearty laughter, “Just take life simple and live it as it comes”

09. Mortimer Lamazon | Guyana

Male. born on 22 July 1906. He is 109 years in 2015. This easy going man is said to be full of life and enjoys to the full all things he could be able to do as person. A carpenter by profession and a jovial person to the core, always wanting to do things on his own despite some later life tragedies that struck him while he was with his sisters in the US. Though old age with all it has to offer still troubles the man as it is, but he has the honor of being one of the oldest persons alive today at our ninth position. To him, life is just what it is, “If you ask life for more than you need, you end up in want”

08. Francisco Núñez Olivera | Spain

Male. He was born on 13 December 1904. He is 110 years in 2015. All those who had come in contact with this man goes home with one superlative feeling about him, and that is Franciscos’s simplistic lifestyle. “I still don’t feel old. I’m elderly, but not elderly…it depends upon whom I’m with. I’m just me,” says Francisco.

Francisco Núñez Olivera with his 79-year-old daughter|Photo credit:


He never feel alone because he is always fully attended to by his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren totaling about 15 in number. He says that he is not afraid of death after all all his friends had all died but even as that, “I still want to live for a couple of years” he says.

07. Feli Noi | Suriname

Though not with much datas of this woman from Suriname but based on our findings, she occupies
the seventh position of the oldest person alive in the world today at 111 years old. She was 
born Female on 5 December 1903.

06. Ether Farrell | Australia

An Australian woman, born November 27 1902 comes up in our ratings as the 6th oldest person in the world and she is 113 years 2015.

05. Gladys Hooper

This lively woman presently enjoys the tittle as the oldest person in the United Kingdom but is the number 5th oldest person in the world at 112+ years. She was born on January 18 1903.

Gadys Hooper, UK oldest woman|Photo

She underwent a hip replacement sometimes last year at the a record breaking and fragile age of 112 which the family say ‘has given her a new lease of life’. She is the oldest person in the world today to have a hip replacement and that is a plus to her.

04. Eudoxie Baboul

Takes the position of the 4th oldest person in the world. If you take some proper look at this old beauty as she is fondly called, you will indeed notice she was one in a million during her younger days.

Eudoxie Baboul from France |Photo credit:

From France, she has been in existence since October 01 1901 which when added up gives us the total of  114 superlative years years+ in 2015.

03. Violent Brown

Comes the third oldest person alive in the world. She is from Jamaica. Was born on March 10 1900, she is 115 years+ this year, 2015.

02. Emma Morano M

This Italian super centenarian who is just four months younger than the oldest person alive shares some little secretes about her longevity. She said that ever since her teenage years, that a day never goes by without taking three raw eggs which a doctor told her is a great way to scare away anemia.

Emma Morano in her apartment in Italy | Photo credit:

She had been divorced since 1938 and has remained single and content ever since then in her two rooms apartment with less to worry about in life. One thing she enjoys doing most and which gives her joy, is sharing her impressive life stories with people around her. She had lived down two world wars and many other countless events in her life time to share with those who comes for visiting which is said to be her favorite experience, but one thing that puts her off is being dominated by anyone. ” I didn’t want to be dominated by anyone” she says. She was born on  November 1899.

01. Susannah Mushatt Jones | The Oldest Person Alive In The World Today!

Here comes the oldest person alive in the world! Susannah Mushatt Jones of the United States of America. A black American who has lived so long than every other persons alive in the world today. She is 116-years-old. Born on July 6, 1899 and has certainly lived long enough to be referred to as a living legend.

Susannah Mushatt Jones, the world oldest person alive|Photo credit:

Though hard of hearing and blind but one unique thing about this centenarian is that she is not bed-bound. Ask her what has been her secrete and she tells you that good and long sleep comes first followed by eating healthy foods like: bacon, eggs, and grits every morning.  She added “I never drink or smoke. I surround myself with love and positive energy. That’s the key to long life and happiness.”


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