4 Quick And Easy Way To Get The Most Out of Tumblr

If you’re unfamiliar, Tumblr is a popular mini-blogging platform designed to let users post multimedia to the web. It also has a social networking aspect to it as well, letting users “follow” each other’s Tumblogs the way you follow one another on Twitter — as users publish new content, it appears in your feed, or Dashboard.

Tumblr stands out because the emphasis is on short-form content — a few choice sentences or a picture with a brief caption. It hovers in between Twitter and conventional blogging.

Here are a few tricks to help get the most out of your Tumblr blog:

1.) Use a bookmarklet

Browsing the web and see something you want to share? A bookmarklet is a great way to shorten the distance between the webpage you are on and your Tumblr. Go to the “Goodies” section while logged in and drag the “Share on Tumblr” button into your browser to make posting easier than ever before.


2.) Add really cool slideshow functionality

If you want a compelling way to display lots of visual content, use a modal slideshow. Your pictures will fill the screen and readers have an elegant way to click through them.

3.) Search without a search bar

Not all Tumblr sites offer you the option to search. There’s a quick way around this — just type the following into the address bar: http://[blogname][search term]

4.) Use your Tumblr account to start a podcast

If you fancy yourself in the future of broadcasting, you can get started quite easily with a podcast on Tumblr. Adam Wilcox has a handy walkthrough with everything you need to get your content out there using the Tumblr platform once you have recorded the finished audio file.


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