10 ways to redefine your new year revolution

The year is ending and a new yea is approaching. If you are tired of your new year’s resolutions fading away after a few months or weeks, consider a new approach to the New Year. With a clean slate and a new beginning, it can be easy to over commit and then feel let down when the results aren’t what you expect.

Skip the disappointment of goals and resolutions with these two steps:

  • ONE: Don’t tie your success to the results. When you are hyper-focused on the end of the goal, or a specific measurement, you discount everything that unfolds along the way. There is great opportunity for growth and joy long before you reach the end. What’s more successful than that?
  • TWO: Choose a challenge or experiment to work towards the changes you want to make. Keep things interesting and choose one each quarter. Use the ideas below or create your own.


1. Make a love list
Instead of making the new year about everything you want to change, make it about everything you love. Make a love list including every possible thing you would like to consider in life, love, business and relationships. What would you really love to do next year? What would you like to see? Who will you be and who will you be with? Learn more here about how to make your love list.

2. Create a capsule wardrobe
Dress with less and eliminate closet chaos. Try minimalist fashion challenge Project 333 and check out these 7 tips to create your capsule wardrobe.

3. Addition
What can you add to your life in the new year to make it better? I’m not talking about stuff and things, but qualities. Here are 10 to consider.

4. Start a morning routine
Creating time for yourself in the morning, even if it only starts with 5 minutes will change your entire day and eventually, the entire year. Putting yourself first allows you to give more energy and enthusiasm to everyone around you. Use this microcourse to create your morning routine, or just start by choosing one activity like journaling, yoga, drinking tea, or something else that will help you start your day with purpose.


5. Minimalist game
If decluttering sounds like less fun than dental work, make it fun by playing the minimalist game. Get rid of one item on the first day of the month, two on the second, three on the third and continue through the end of the month.

6. Try the capsule kitchen challenge
This brand new challenge starts on January 2nd. Eliminate junk from your diet and put an end to decision fatigue in the grocery store. Readhow to get started here, and join the free Facebook group here.

7. Share your life in a way that helps others
Your best lessons come from unique life experiences. Those lessons are valuable to other people in similar situations. Think about what you have to offer and share your life to help others with a blog.

I wrote about everything I learned in starting and growing a blog to help you get started and avoid technical overwhelm. Learn more here.

8. Create goals with soul
Use The Desire Map to learn how you want to feel and then create goals or make choices that support those feelings. I love this approach.

9. Reset to zero
I am going to be more intentional about implementing Colin Wright’s reset to zero. He says, “Resetting to zero is kind of a one-off version of minimalism, if you think about it. A minimalist refocuses her life on what’s important by eschewing excess and honing in on what’s most important to her. Resetting to zero allows you to do the same, if only for a period of time. You needn’t get rid of the things that don’t bring you value to reset to zero, but it gives you a taste of what life could feel like, all the time, if you ever decided to.”

10. Subtract.
Instead of adding one more healthy habit, goal, or resolution, consider that you are doing enough already, and maybe too much. What can you subtract? Where can you let go to create more time and space to just be?


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