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Ghana’s President, John Mahama Insults Yvonne Nelson For Wishing Him “Happy Birthday”

It is not a secret that President John Mahama is not a fan of the beautiful Ghanaian actress/model and director Yvonne Nelson, who was recently named amongst 300 most influential women in the world.

Yvonne like many Ghanaians has been extremely critical of Mahama’s administration, especially, in the area of energy. When one googles the combination “Yvonne Nelson + John Mahama”, the first thing that pops up is the Yvonne Nelson led #DumsorMustStop campaign.
Although the president and his sympathizers believe that the actress’ campaign was engineered and financed by the major opposition party (NPP), Yvonne and many Ghanaians believe otherwise.

Yesterday, 29th November being the President’s birthday, Yvonne Nelson and many Ghanaians took to social media to give the President their best wishes amongst other wishes.


Mahama upon receiving Yvonne’s tweet decided to reply, but with a huge bag loaded with subtle insults, in the process calling the accomplished actress and director “purposeless”.

Read Yvonne Nelson’s tweet and Mahama’s reply below.


A closer look at the two Twitter handles in the photo clearly shows that both are not the official Twitter accounts of Yvonne Nelson and president Mahama respectively.
Both Yvonne and president Mahama operate verified accounts with a blue checker to show the verification status.

I cannot therefore help myself but ask, was this a harmless birthday prank by a young teenager fascinated by new photoshop tricks he has learnt, or a calculated attempt by some people to make the president more unpopular than he already is?


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