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14 Young Africans Behind the Development of WealthBankers Job Arena.


WealthBankers Job Arena is a job board developed by 14 young Africans to cater for job seekers and employers in Africa.  These 14 young Africans were initially employed as expert writers for CyprusUni, a co-member with WealthBankers, in Global Wealth Innovations’ global network of 20 companies.

These young people popularly known as Team Exhort, exhibited professionalism and expertise in their initial task as content writers with their supervising manager stating:

“After just two weeks of training and adaptation, the team of 14, called Team Exhort, were already showing great promise, enthusiasm, and exceptionalism”.

Supervising Manager


Just a few weeks in; producing great content for CyprusUni (a Study in Europe education consultancy), WealthBankers management having observed the diligence of the team decided to task them with the development of the WealthBankers Job Arena which they fully financed from start to finish.

The Job Arena was initially scheduled to be completed within a 6-month time frame. However, these exceptional young people were able to complete this task in 2.5 months; causing their supervising manager to said this about them:

“We’ve never had a group of employees with such talents who have bonded so quickly and worked so well as a unit. They surprised the whole management by advancing rapidly in their assigned project task”

Supervising Manager


Team Exhort comprises of 14 young Africans all under the age of 30. This team is made up of people from different educational and cultural backgrounds.  They converged as a team with one common agenda to create an interactive job board as a way to contribute their quota to Africa growth and prosperous future.

The youngest member of the team, Jane Love (16 years old) who also functions as one of the leaders of the team, when asked the meaning of the name Team Exhort had this to say:

“We wanted to change the African story and present Africa in the light of its budding youth who are full of potentials and yearning for such opportunities to show their capabilities. We wanted to be known as one who magnifies and encourages the large African youthful populace to achieve more and aim higher”

Jane Love

She further stated that, being the youngest in the team does not intimidate her. Saying that, though she is the youngest teammate, she is not treated as such, as there is mutual respect for each member as they go about their respective duties.


WealthaBankers Job Arena: The Work Involved and The Result Accomplished

The development of WealthBankers Job Arena was done in a systematic manner. Though they were focused on developing the job board, they were able to develop a system that enabled them to continue their work on CyprusUni (a Study Abroad in Europe education consultancy). While doing that, they also researched and wrote articles about trends and topics concerning the African job market and these have been featured on WealthBankers Job Arena career guidance section.

To be able to create a relevant data base for African job seekers and employers, they conducted series of research which enabled them to target the missing component of the job market in Africa. They were able to decipher that most job boards in Africa catered for job seekers and employers in the respective home countries of the job boards. This influenced the creation of a job board that served the whole of Africa allowing job offers, job seekers and employers across Africa to be beneficially to be interlinked.

This move to create a job board for Africa was seen as a means of fostering healthy relations between nations in the African continent by providing employers the opportunity to foster diversity in the workforce by hiring individuals from other African countries. Team Exhort also strived to create an avenue for expatriates who found it difficult to find work in different African countries.

WealthBankers Job Arena was launched this year and can currently be accessed online. This job board houses job vacancies in 19 English-speaking African countries. The team however hopes to serve every job seeker by featuring job vacancies in every African country in the very near future. In its first week of operations, WealthBankers Job Arena already had over 500 jobs and 200 reputable international companies listed on the site.

It also has a very user-friendly interface that enables visitors on the site to find what they are looking for easily. The Job Arena as well features articles crafted carefully by Team Exhort to further motivate and inspire job seekers, employers and even employees in Africa. This is further made evident in their public forum where job seekers, employers and employees freely interact with each other.

In the realm of job sites in Africa, WealthBankers Job Arena presents a dynamic and revolutionary online job board that is serving Africans job market now and promises of a great future. When asked about who their competition was, the supervising manager stated:

“We are not in competition with anybody or entity. We are in competition with ourselves as we develop ourselves more to be the best we can be. Being the best means we can continue to serve Africans in the years to come.’

Supervising Manager


Team Exhort is making waves with the development of WealthBankers Job Arena. The need to contribute to uplifting and developing Africa is shown in their dedication to the development of this job board and plans for more innovations. The team leader promised that Team Exhort will continue to work hard as they continue to serve Africans by providing authentic job vacancies to job seekers. This, they say is their contribution as they help reduce the unemployment rate that plagues Africa and seek to destroy her.





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  1. Unemployment in Africa is a depressing issue that seems to be getting worse each year. It is a great thing to hear young Africans who are willing to make a difference in Africa and beyond. I believe it is time that the African youth exhibit their innovations to help curb unemployment in the nations of Africa. These 14 young guys needs all the help they can get. Great Job guys!!

  2. It’s amazing that writers were able to divert into a tech area. Our competencies are boundless. If we all get the opportunity to move out of our current areas and explore new ones, Africa will cease to be referred to as under- developed in no time because we have geniuses hidden among us.

  3. Interesting article Matthew.

    I have visited the post a job section and I would like to share it with any one out there who is interested too. It has a relatively cheaper fare for job postings so it’s best I support them with this comment.
    Their link is
    Besides, they are young people, so…. great job, guys!

  4. Unemployment has been a bane of the African continent for generations. If its properly addressed, the true potential of the continent shall be unleashed. Now what i have just read makes me happy, it tells me that there are Africans out there that are willing to strap up and fight poverty and unemployment by helping others find jobs. Great start.

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