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14 Lions Escape from Kruger National Park Causes Panic in South Africa

Fourteen lions escaped from a park a few days ago in South Africa. According to information from the BBC newspaper, these 14 lions escaped from Kruger National Park near the Mozambican border and from a mine in the area.

The authorities of the country sounded the alarm through a statement inviting the population to vigilance. Research teams are trying to find the cats on the run as quickly as possible.

They explain that this incident could be the biggest escape of lions in the history of South Africa.


National Park spokesman Ike Phahla said that simply returning them to the reserve may not work.

“They can still escape or be hunted by other lions”.

The population is in a panic because the day before a two-year-old was torn by a park leopard.

For now nobody knows the reasons for this escape but the authorities are trying to limit the damage.

They placed a surveillance team h24 while waiting for the wild cats on the run and bring them back to the park.


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