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Meet the world’s s*xiest robot

This picture above is that of an Android Geminoid F, an eerily lifelike humanoid which stole the show at the World Robot Exhibition in Beijing this week.
Created by Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratory at Osaka University, Geminoid F was the star attraction as people crowded round her to have their picture taken and speak to the android.
Some people have even remarked that they found Geminoid F “sexy”.

She previously found fame after becoming the first android film star – she co-starred in Japanese movie Sayonara, about the fall-out from a nuclear power plant meltdown.
With her realistic appearance, good looks and acting talent, you might think Geminoid F had it all – but some people, in particular her creators, are picky.


Kohei Ogawa, assistant professor at Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratory said there was still work to do on their living doll.

“Our final goal is creating some artificial intelligence by using this robot. “Most voice recognition systems do not work, especially in this kind of noisy environment. “In the future we’re going to create some perfect AI system by using this robot.”


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