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130 Senegalese Deported From The USA: Here are the reasons….

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End of dream, end of truce. The radicalization of the US migration policy has landed its first large contingent of Senegalese in Dakar on Sunday morning after less consistent evictions. 130, 140, or 155? The returnees diverged on the figure and attacked the softness of consular services and Senegalese authorities.

A simple white pillow case cover, filled with personal belongings. This is what remains of the enormous disappointed hopes of an American dream that landed on Dakar. For more than 130 Senegalese in an irregular situation, clandestinely, or in delicacy with the law in the country of Uncle Sam, it was a journey at the end of the cold night from Saturday to Sunday. ” What’s up dude ”, ” Good and you? ”. A short greeting with a slap on the shoulder in the image of urban salvation, this young repressed does not linger on the scene when he leaves the hangar for pilgrims of the international airport Léopold Sedar Senghor (AILSS). Like all the first to tread the ground of their native country, the exit was unpleasant, aggressive to the limit. ” Hey reporter does not film me ”, Nerves a second man in his fifties against the cameraman of the television channel SenTv. It took the police’s confidence, moved by the situation, that the camera did not turn any more so that it deigns to leave.

Also in detention, white-gray, from the Immigration Custom Enforcement (ICE), he stands aloofly pulling on his cigarette while waiting That his family would take him. For some, the matter is taken with great philosophy. “I went to the Usa with all my family, my life, my business and then the new president who comes to deport us. I have brought nothing but my person, my faith in me, memories of my mother and my family who are there, “shouts a man of fair complexion, his eyes enlarged by his glasses of myopia , The voice with a humorous detachment so surprising that it would be difficult to believe it freshly repatriated. But for the majority, depression and anger were very heavy to bear.

Already at 4:30 in the morning, the travelers began to disembark taxis hosted for a cold temperature of the Yoffois coast. They were greeted by a band of retreaters offering a change, and immediately flew into the terminal in total ignorance. In the arrival terminal, the flight of the Royal Air Maroc delivers its last passengers who, in front of the gates, find the family for warm embraces in this icy night. Still no expats! It is one of the reelers who puts the chip at the ear of the few journalists present. “The flight has arrived, not long ago, but it happens at the hangar,” he said. Subterfuge authorities to avoid media coverage or good faith? Some decide to stay on standby at the terminal,

Nothing was visible over the walls, where only the flashers of the buses indicated that these unwanted passengers were being carried inside. “My son has been in the US for fifteen years and he is turned back like that, without any other form of trial”, insurgents a former Senegalese gendarmerie officer. A family originally from Diogo is waiting, since Saturday, 20 hours. Despite the assurance that Amadou Ndiaye’s brother-in-law was emigrating, his suffocated sobs betrayed his grief at seeing his brother searching for his luggage, lying on the floor of the hangar among a hundred other arrivals.

The two memoranda of the US Secretary of State for the Interior, John Kelly, on Tuesday, February 21, calling on immigration officials to expel the illegals they find in the course of their duties, Implemented. Previously, after six months in detention, the ICE left illegal immigrants on US soil if it could not establish accurately, through the consulate of the country concerned, the nationality of origin of the detainee.

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