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13-Year-Old Entrepreneur Lexi Proctor Opens Up About Her Journey To A Successful Business

There has been a recent surge in kidpreneurs who are successfully becoming a force in various industries, and one 13-year-old entrepreneur, Lexi Proctor says the hardest part of being a kidpreneur is mastering the art of balancing things between school and business. Proctor is a co-founder of Curlanista hair-care line – it focuses on products that encourage young girls to love their curls, while taking good care of them.

Having been a STEM student, Proctor and her mom developed a hair care line from their homemade concoctions. They went ahead to develop a Magic Curl Defining Custard, Magic Frizz Fighting Detangler and Magic Curl Cream. After trying out the products, Sally Beauty was so impressed, they awarded Proctor $25,000 to enhance her business.


Young Proctor narrated the story behind what inspired her to create hair products for girls. She said, “It all started at home. I’m a YouTube fanatic and I love making my own hair products at home and a lot of people were asking me what I put in my hair. I always wanted to make my own hair products and I told my mom this would be perfect for me. I have a book called “Curly Girls Love Your Curls,” and it teaches girls to love their hair, but now with my hair products, it can teach girls how to take care of their hair. My mom thought that was a great idea so we found our chemist and the rest is history.”

Proctor believes that what makes her hair care products stand out is the fact that she is a kid, and most people have a keen eye for that. She explains that being a kid gives her an upper hand against other products considering that people will not only want to support but will have more trust for it.

The young girl explained how a competition got her the chance to meet Sally Beauty and how she ultimately won the price money. She explains that, “Sally Beauty was having a contest and you get to earn money to help flourish your business and your stuff will also get in stores. So I was like, perfect! This could really help us. I made a video and about a week or two later they said, “Congratulations, you made it!,” and that’s when they started doing the voting and I told people to go vote, and I went to the Sally headquarters and it was such a dream because I’ve always dreamed of having my hair products in there.  I really love Sally Beauty products. I was like, this is such a perfect way to get my business out there. And once I got there to meet everybody, they were just so nice to me and I just loved the experience all around.”

Proctor, whose products were mainly intended to help mothers detangle their daughter’s hair and in the process give them a chance to bond; said that her main message is self-acceptance. She talked of understanding how racial discrimination comes in to bring down confidence and self-love. The bring young entrepreneur said, “I know what it feels like to be discriminated because of my hair or my skin color. And I just want people to know there’s more than that. You shouldn’t have to think about that. You should just love you for you.”


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