13 Nigerian Foods That Are Eaten By Ghanaians But Have Different Names

The similarities between Nigerians and our Ghanaian brothers are very uncanny.

These similarities cut across music, lifestyle, culture, fashion etc. but little did you know that most of our foods are the same.

Scroll down as we show you some Nigerian foods which are also eaten by Ghanaians, only difference is the names they call these foods.

Puff Puff – Buff Loaf (Bofloat or Bofrot)

Ghanaians call “puff puff” “bofrot”, pronounced “buff-loaf”, the Ga tribe in Ghana call it “togb33”

Egusi – Akatoa or (Agushi)

The palatable “egusi”, which can be mace into stew or soup is called “akatoa” in Ghana, some tribes call it “agushi” which sounds similar to the way we call it in Nigeria. Ghanaians also use “egusi” for soup and stew.

Amala – Kokonte (Abete3)

Amala, which is made with yam is called “kokonte or abete3” in Ghana. Ghanaians use dried-up cassava to make their version of “amala”.

Suya – Chichinga (Kebab)

Roasted meat or kebab, popularly called “suya” is called “chichinga” or “aboki” by our Ghanaian brothers.

Eba – Gari Fufu

Gari made into balls is popularly called Gari fufu (meaning fufu made with gari) in Ghana.

Pounded Yam  or Akpu – Fufu

We Nigerians use yam to make pounded yam, some tribes also use cassava which they call, “akpu”, but it’s not very common. Ghanaians eat the “akpu” version of fufu in which they use cassava, cocoyam and plantain. Pounded Yam or Akpu and Ghana’s fufu are prepared using the same process. Ghanaians also eat their fufu with soup (watery form), whilst Nigerians eat pounded yam with egusi stew.

Akara – Koose

Akara, a dish made from peeled beans formed into a ball and then deep-fried in oil, is also eaten by Ghanaians and they call it “koose”. Ghanaians eat “akara” in the morning with porridge.

Dodo – Korkor

Fried ripe plantain or fried plantain is called “korkor” by Ghanaians.

Chinchin – Atwemon

Ghanaians call the fried snack “atwemon”.

Ofada – Waakye

Ghanaians call “ofada” “Waakye” but theirs is very brown in color and is eaten in a leaf just like we do.

Boli – Kofi Brokeman

Ghanaians call “boli” “korkor a yatoto” (twi name for roasted plantain) and stylishly call it “kofi brokeman” meaning, a food eaten by broke people as it is cheap and sold on the roadside.

Ewedu Soup – Ayoyo Soup

Ghanaians eat “ewedu soup” with Tuozafi (TZ), a pounded yam-like food from the north of Ghana. They call it, “Ayoyo soup”.

Okpa – Adibi

“Okpa”, made of beans is called “Adibi” by Ghanaians.

Banga Soup – Palm Nut Soup (Ab3 nkwan)

“Banga Soup” which is made from the palm fruit is called “Abenkwan” in Ghana, meaning soup from the palm tree.

source: OmgVoice


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