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12-Year-Old Artist Launches Inspirational “Art for Kids” Business

Leon Moss is a 12-year-old artist in Atlanta, Georgia. Leon has illustrated a book and created an art collection to inspire children. He began his career at 9, when his mother discovered his artistic abilities while looking for an illustrator for her children’s books.

The illustrations for As Big As God were Leon’s first commissioned works. The response to his hand drawn originals was so enthusiastic that he began to produce and sell reproductions. To hone his skills, Leon attended art classes taught by award-winning artist R. Gregory Christie. His mother also contributed to his education by taking him to local museums: The Sights and Sounds Black Cultural Museum, The Apex, and the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. He furthered his development by committing three hours a day to practicing various techniques and committing to his craft.


The Southwest Atlanta Youth Business Organization (SWAYBO) was also instrumental in supporting Leon. This organization is a non-profit with over 40 years of experience helping children excel in entrepreneurship. Leon learned poise and presentation, public speaking, sales and marketing at marketplaces and how to perform basic accounting formulas. With SWAYBO, Leon has met judges, successful business owners and other pillars of the Black community.

Leon comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. His father owns a home improvement business in Atlanta, and working with his father has been key to Leon’s growth. Leon has worked in the homes of many skilled professionals and major developers.

Leon’s mother, Pristine Parr, envisioned the project to help raise awareness about children’s issues and to encourage parents to recognize and invest in their children’s gifts. Her debut novel, Jewels, is a critique of the modern state of childhood. Leon’s art is featured on her web site


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