12 Of The Weirdest Things People Have Ever Donated

In general, donating to those less fortunate is a good thing. Whether people donate their clothes, shoes and furniture that they are no longer using, or buy brand new items to give to those in need, donations are usually accepted gladly. Giving is also a huge part of the holiday season. So, as you’re shopping for gifts or looking for a few presents for yourself, you’ll likely notice that there are large boxes, kiosks and advertisements encouraging you to give, so that someone else can have a better holiday.

However, there are times when donating goes wrong. Sure, most people give essential items to charitable organizations, including baby supplies, shoes and coats. You know, things that are practical and would be greatly appreciated by a family in need. But some people like to get especially creative with their donations—and some people’s donations are just downright weird.

Have you been to the local thrift store or consignment shop lately? You probably noticed some random items and thought to yourself, “who is going to use this?” Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder when it comes to some charitable donations. Here are 12 of the strangest things people have ever donated.

12. Batman & Robin Oil Painting

Someone donated an oil painting of legendary superhero Batman and his sidekick Robin to a Goodwill location. Why, you may ask? Maybe this person thought that a new family would appreciate the artwork and feature it in their living room. Perhaps the donor grew tired of looking at all the items in his Batman collection and decided that is was time to give some things away. Also, it looks like the donor painted the picture himself, so maybe he tried to sell it and didn’t have any takers. Either way, this is a pretty interesting piece to feature in Goodwill. It’s not very practical, and it’s just strange to see a picture of Batman and Robin when you’re looking for furniture, cookware or a warm winter coat.

11. Inappropriate Halloween Costume

In at least one Goodwill location, there’s an orange jumpsuit with the words “Office of Erections” printed on the back. Sure, it’s a clever play on “office of corrections,” but we’ve got to admit it’s creepy and gross. After all, would you talk to the guy at the Halloween party wearing that costume? Probably not, especially if you could tell that he was taking the costume too “seriously.” We’re guessing the guy who used to own this tasteless costume had to give it to charity after he found a girlfriend who didn’t find the orange jumpsuit funny. In theory, we’re happy for him, but it’s probably not ideal to give other people “ideas” for next year’s Halloween party.

10. Parenting Video

It’s pretty safe to say that all parents could use a little direction (and patience) when it comes to raising their children. But, the next time you’re in your local thrift store, you may see a video that gives you some pointers on how to be a better mom or dad. The video is literally called “ Winning at Parenting…Without Beating Your Kids.” Literally. At least you can tell from the title that the video doesn’t advocate spanking, but the whole thing just seems so random. We’ve got several questions. Are the people behind the making of his video trained professionals? How many people are taking the advice of the people in the video? Is it okay to get your parenting cues from a video with this type of title? Perhaps we’ll never know the answers.

9. “Rude” Sweatshirt

So, someone donated a sweatshirt to a Goodwill location. No big deal, right? Except that the sweatshirt says “If a fat girl falls in the woods, do the trees laugh?” Wow. That’s pretty harsh. Yes, fat-shaming pretty much happens on a daily basis (we’re looking at you, social media commenters), but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to wear a sweatshirt with such an ugly message. We’re hoping that the person who previously owned this sweatshirt donated it because he wanted to get rid of such an offensive piece of clothing. Then again, why would he donate the shirt to Goodwill, only for someone else to find it and start wearing it? Maybe he didn’t want it to go to waste. Yeah, I guess we’ll go with that.

8. A “Sperm” Bank

Piggy banks are often featured in charitable organizations and thrift stores. These are great tools for teaching children the value of money and helping them to save their earnings for a big purchase. However, there are a few “piggy” banks that cater to adults as well. There are even banks that are shaped like sperm. Yes, you read that right. Someone thought it would be clever to create a “sperm bank.” While it’s kind of weird (and gross), we can’t argue the fact that it could help you remember to save your spare change. Obviously, the person who was the previous owner of the “sperm bank” decided to give it up after too many people thought it was just too creepy.

7. Parental Advice Book


Maybe parents are donating these child-rearing tools to charity after they are no longer using them. This gem of a book by Celia Rivenbark, entitled Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank: And Other Words of Delicate Southern Wisdom, is apparently a guide to help parents train their children to be upstanding members of society. Rivenbark also wrote a book entitled, We’re Just Like You, Only Prettier, and another one called Bless Your Heart, Tramp. Clearly, she’s got a knack for book titles.

6. Dancing Grannie Workout Video

Most of us remember getting a workout video or DVD during a phase when we promised ourselves that we’re going to work out more. Then, the DVDs form a nice little pile by the TV, start collecting dust, and you realize that it’s time to donate them, because you’re not going to use them. And that’s how the “Dancing Grannies” video found its way into Goodwill. The cover of the video features grannies in unitards and leg warmers, and if that wasn’t enough, the video is “for beginners,” so don’t feel bad if you can’t keep up with the exercise routines right away. The main reason this is such a weird donation is because it’s pretty obvious that not many people want these exercise videos. We’re guessing that the Dancing Grannies will be in donation bins around the country for quite some time.

5. Weird Cat Picture

In a thrift store somewhere in America, there’s a picture of a little boy holding a cat. This seems innocent enough. However, the caption for the picture says, “so many cats, so few recipes.” What does that even mean? Does it mean that the little boy wants to learn how to make homemade treats with his pet cat by his side? Does the caption imply that the little boy is actually going to create a recipe using cat meat? We’re not sure, but what we are sure about is that this donation is completely strange. It’s pretty safe to say that no one is in a hurry to become the new owner of this photo. Then again, there are some pretty weird people out there.

4. Prosthetic Leg


Yes, someone actually donated a prosthetic leg to a charity. This can be pretty jarring to see on the shelf of your local thrift store, but maybe the donor was thinking that the “leg” would help someone who couldn’t afford to purchase one through the hospital. It doesn’t look like the leg was cleaned thoroughly before it was donated, and that’s where we run into a problem. This makes the donation go from well-meaning to just plain creepy and gross. Will the leg actually go to someone in need? It’s hard to say. Will a person in need of a prosthetic leg actually feel comfortable getting a new limb from a charity? That’s even harder to say.

3. An Urn With Ashes


Emmaus, a charity in Gloucestershire, got a donation of an urn. There were actually human or animal ashes inside of the urn at the time of donation. We’re not sure how to feel about this one, and we can venture to say that the workers at Emmaus didn’t quite know what to say after receiving the donation either. Maybe the donor just couldn’t bear the thought of having the urn at home, knowing that a beloved relative or pet’s ashes were inside. Perhaps the donor mistook the urn for an old flower vase, and gave Emmaus the wrong item. Either way, few donations are stranger.

2. A Coffin


A donor has also given a coffin to Emmaus. We’re not sure who would look to their local charity to find a coffin. However, the person who donated it may have been thinking that the coffin would provide a more affordable burial option for someone who has just had a death in the family. However, that doesn’t change the fact that this donation is very weird. How would one even display an item like this? The coffin is sure to stick out amongst other “normal” thrift store items, and seeing the coffin could be off-putting for some of the people who visit Emmaus. At least the coffin was un-used. Hey, we’re trying to look at the positive, here.

1. A Set of Dentures


Emmaus has also reported that someone donated a set of dentures to the charity. The dentures had been used, so we’re not sure why the donor thought that someone else would be comfortable using the false teeth. Again, maybe in the spirit of charity, the donor felt that someone who couldn’t afford dental care might be able to use his/her old dentures. However, the concept is disgusting. It’s also very strange to go to the thrift store, browse through the aisles and see a pair of fake teeth “staring” back at you. Some things are just meant to be thrown away after use.



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