12 Unhealthy Habits You Should Avoid Before Sleeping

Sleep plays an essential role in the proper functioning of our body. It not only helps regain strength after exertion or after a long stressful day, sleep is also necessary for brain development and to ensure certain metabolic functions. To have good sleep hygiene, you must avoid bad habits and adopt the good ones. Here is a list of 12 bad habits to avoid before going to bed.

According to a study carried out by the National Institute of Prevention and Education for Health (INPES) in 2010, one in three French people suffers from sleep disorders, including 15 to 20%  of chronic insomnia , with signs and Symptoms that last for more than a month. But do you know that certain habits of daily life jeopardize our sleep?

Here are 12 bad habits that must absolutely be avoided before sleeping:

Drink fluids  : If you drink fluids 1 to 2 hours before bedtime, you will wake up at least 2 or 3 times during the night to go to the toilet and this can interrupt your sleep.

Do not sleep at a predetermined time  : Try each night to go to bed at the same time and close your eyes while seeking sleep. Your brain will adapt to your schedules.

Do not put all electronic devices away  : Do not keep any electronic devices near your bed. Watching your smartphone in bed promotes trouble and interrupts your sleep cycle. Electronic devices emit artificial light, blue light, capable of disturbing sleep

Reading books  in bed  : If you are used to reading books or magazines in bed, you should avoid this habit. Try to read your book a little earlier and do not bring it to bed.


Putting on an alarm clock  : Due to the small lights projected by the alarm clock, your  brain stays awake all night. When the light diminishes, our brain informs our body that we must sleep. Choose a traditional alarm clock that will not disturb you during the night.

Sleeping on a bad mattress  : A good mattress will allow you to improve your sleep and enjoy your moments of relaxation. Choose a good quality mattress.

Eat before going to bed  : Avoid eating 2 to 3 hours before bed. Sleeping with a full stomach does not allow your digestive system to operate and process any food consumed. Eating a lot of food before sleeping can cause a feeling of heaviness, acid lifts, or heartburn that leads to sleep disturbances.

Working or studying in bed : Your bed should not be used as an office. You must finish your job at least 2 hours before going to bed to enjoy your sleeping hours. If you are also used to doing physical activities in the evening, it is best to stop them at least 3 hours before sleep.

Do not keep your feet warm  : Cold feet can interrupt your sleep cycle, so be sure to keep them warm. Put on   elastic socks that do not squeeze your feet.

Do not have a ritual  : Try to go to bed by following a well-defined schedule and strict steps, as you teach small children. Start with the bathroom, brush your teeth and wash your face. Turn off your electronic devices and relax. Your brain will recognize this ritual as a precursor to sleep.

Drink energy drinks before bedtime  : Coffee and other energy drinks containing caffeine keep the body and mind awake. You should therefore avoid them at least 4 hours before going to bed. Alcohol and energy drinks should also be avoided. Foods containing vitamin C are also discouraged at this time of day. Instead, consume foods rich in potassium and magnesium because they allow muscle relaxation and they help you to sleep easily and quickly. A bad position to sleep  : To sleep better, you have to choose the right position, the one that suits you the most and that will allow you to sleep faster. Know that your body automatically alternates positions overnight.



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