12 Surprising Health Benefits Of Honey And Cinnamon Mixture

There are many health benefits of honey and cinnamon but it is important to know exactly which kind of each should be used for these purposes. There are basically two types of cinnamon:

  • Cassian – This one has a high amount of Coumarin which could possibly cause liver problems if taken in large doses.
  • Ceylon – If you are going to be using it for medicinal purposes make sure you use the one called Ceylon.

When it comes to honey it’s hard to know which one to use even if you are just going to add it to a cup of tea. 

  • Go For Pure – Anyways, you should use only raw one which means it has not been heated up. The best place to find it is at a healthy food store. You’ll probably be able to find the Ceylon cinnamon there as well.

Here are some ways that this combination of two very powerful foods can help what ails you.

1. Reduction Of Cholesterol

Each part of this natural combo has the ability to lower your levels on their own so combined just doubles the effort.

It was found through a double-blind study that participants who had type 2 diabetes and took from 1 to 6 grams of cinnamon were able to reduce their total cholesterol levelalong with their bad triglycerides.

Honey was shown to improve the entire cholesterol panel and even helped participants with type 2 diabetes regulate their blood sugar.

Daily Dosage: Amounts for getting it under control are up to 3/4 teaspoon of cinnamon daily or 1/2 ts. of its oil three times a day. You can incorporate that with up to 5 tablespoons of that natural sweet stuff made by bees throughout the day.

2. Minimizing Pain Caused By Arthritis

This combination have been found to help get the pain caused by arthritis under control.

There are some people who have identified this to be a solution to their problem and a relief from a pain they have had for years. It could be the anti-inflammatory propertiesof each item that cuts down on the pain.

Recipe: The suggested dosage is one cup of hot water combined with two teaspoons of honey as well as one ts. of cinnamon. You should consume this mixture in the morning and evening.

3. Provides Ease For Upset Stomach

This awesome combination of foods can:

  • Improve Your Digestion
  • Alleviate Gas
  • Ease Stomach Pains

Do This: A mixture of 1 tablespoon of honey and 1/2 ts. of cinnamon in a glass of warm water is all you need. Make sure to mix it up well and drink it on an empty stomach.

You never know when an upset stomach is going to hit so make sure to keep these in your cupboard all the time. Both have a very long shelf life and won’t go bad anytime soon.

4. Reduces Hair Loss

The use of this amazing combo for reducing hair loss is a topical treatment as it can help to increase the circulation in your scalp which could result in more new growth.

Paste Recipe: You need to make a paste with one tbs. of honey, one teaspoon of that awesome spice and some warm olive oil. Mix together and apply it to your head. Leave it on for about 15 minutes then wash the mixture out.

5. Remedy For Fatigue

Many people have found that taking about a half tablespoon of golden sweet stuff in a glass of  water with a little bit of cinnamon sprinkled on top can aid to build up your vitality in about a week.

The honey will give you a nice little boost without raising your blood sugar levels. And you won’t have to worry about a jittery feeling like you would get from coffee.


Just keep a container of aromatic spice and a jar of that yellow sweet stuff at work and you can sip on a nice cup of tea in the afternoon with your cinnamon and that sweet gold colored stuff added to it. No one will be the wiser and you’ll feel refreshed.

6. Cure For Common Cold


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When it comes to the common cold we’ll try just about anything when we’re sick.

Remedy: Next time you are down and out you may want to try a teaspoon of raw honey with 1/4 ts. of cinnamon twice a day for the first three days. It has been said to knock out a cold especially if you start it when you first begin to feel ill.

Both have anti-fungal, antiviral and antibacterial effects so it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot.

7. Helps With Diabetes

Consuming this sweet and spice mixture can help people who suffer from type 2 diabetes.

The latter one from this combo has long been recognized forreducing blood sugar levels and honey has been found to have the same effect.

You can add both to your oatmeal in the morning and to a nice cup of your favorite hot tea as well.

8. Maintains Healthy Heart & Arteries

It has been found that taking this combo on a regular basis, along with proper diet and exercise can prevent heart problems by helping to clear arteries that have been clogged.

Just incorporate these two nutrients into your daily diet!

9. Getting Rid Of Pimples


Honey has many healing properties that affect the skin. One effective combination might help your pimples fade away within a week or two.

Make A Mask: Take 3 tablespoons of honey together with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Make a paste and then apply it to your pimples at night before going to bed. In the morning wash your face as you normally would. Repeat each night until your pimples are gone.

10. Helps With Weight Loss

You may worry that honey might have the reverse effect when using it for weight loss but don’t worry, it has a healthier glycemic index than regular white sugar.

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A combination of 1 tablespoon of organic honey with 1 ts. of Ceylon type of that aromatic spice can help you to drop some pounds. Boil some water then pour it over the cinnamon in a cup.

Let the mixture steep for about 15 minutes then add the sweet stuff. Drink a half glass of it in the morning and second half in the evening before going to bed.

11. Reduces Bad Breath

Just the simple combination of one teaspoon of each of these vital foods could  keep your breath fresh throughout the day.

Combine the mixture with a glass of warm water and gargle with it for the full benefits.

Word Of Advice: You still need to clean your teeth on a daily basis!

12. Curing Skin Infections

Each of these nutrients have antibacterial qualities and are effective in taking care of many bacterial infections as well as fungal ones too. Ringworm and eczema have bothresponded well to this kind of home treatment.

Combine the two and mix them to create a paste. Apply it topically and you will be surprised to see how quickly your infection will begin to be cured.

Many of these remedies have been around for hundreds of years. During times when there were no pharmaceutical companies creating new drugs on a regular basis people had to come up with their own natural solutions, ointments and tonics to help treat their problems.

Honey and cinnamon have been around for ages and when you combine the right types of each you are significantly reducing dangers to your health. In fact you just might be cured of what’s ailing you.

source: paperblog


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