12 Reasons President Mohammadu Buhari Is Not Nigeria’s Messiah

There is still a lot of goodwill for the President Mohammadu Buhari-led government, but this is quickly fading as we hear the distant drums of the 2019 elections and the positioning of APC members for the highest office in the land. The president now has less than 3 years to put the right structures in place to save Nigerians and Nigeria. We hope for the best.

Judging from the issues surrounding the APC-led administration, here are 12 quick reasons President Buhari is not Nigeria’s messiah.

1. President Buhari does not appear to have plans to unify the country in any way shape of form.

2. The President appears not to have a grasp of the current political dynamics in the country and seems to believe he can work alone or with one or two associates to fix Nigeria. The budget issue is a wake-up call.

3. APC is now the refuge for most of the people that plunged the country into darkness since 1999. It seems to be the place of faux-repentance for those hoping to hold on to their wealth by pledging allegiance to the new king.

4. Limited communication in all areas. Does not feel Nigeria need explanation for anything the government does. It appears his mandate is clear – he has been elected to dictate the way forward for Nigeria and Nigerians. This is not open to discussion.

5. This is probably the most unprepared government in Nigerian history. It took 6 months to announce ministers and even though we are over year down the line, we now have no clear expectations from any minister (maybe that is by design).

6. He has no clear understanding of the economic challenges of the country or is not communicating his understanding. Many of his strongest supporters know this and have commented publicly.

7. The international community are turning on his apparent lack of ideas to improve Nigeria. None will say so publicly but instead the same media group that were so supportive of him during the election have done a double take on everything including body language.


8. Most of his campaign promises have been jettisoned for partisan politics especially on Fuel Subsidy and Economy policies.

9. One year after the historic election victory, President Buhari and his APC stalwarts are still blaming the woes of the country on the 16 years administration of the PDP Party. This is normal and they have every right to, but the story is getting tiresome and Nigerians are getting impatient with the lack of progress from the current regime.

10. Since inception of his administration, power generation in the country has reduced drastically despite hike in electricity tariffs by DISCOS and Power Minister, Babatunde Raji Fashola. Even though power generation was reported to be at its peak of 5074MW early this year, yet the country witnessed total blackout for some hours, holding to zero MW.

11. Despite President Mohammadu Buhari’s rhetoric on tackling militancy and extremism, the spate of attacks by suspected Fulani herdsmen in the country have left hundreds dead, with no clear-cut approach on how to arrest the issue. No mention of this in his Democracy day speech. The rise of new militant groups such as Niger Delta Avengers and the continued activity of Boko Haram are causes for concern.

12. The President has spent a considerable amount of time on the usual globe trotting trips undertaken by African leaders on resumption of office. He has embarked on over 29 foreign trips – but has visited no more than 4 states since he became president. Not all solutions can be found outside Nigeria.

The government now needs to come back down to earth, work with the law-makers and other arms of government and get to work on dealing with the issues faced. The fight against corruption should carry on with even more intensity but should not be the sole purpose of the government. Even General Abacha fought corruption, every coup we had in Nigeria was to fight corruption. We have been here before.

God bless the Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

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Written by PH

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