12 People Who Failed So Hard At Doing Their Jobs!!!

We’re all lazy creatures by default, but that laziness varies from one person to another, some people manage to force themselves to do things properly and not be lazy and some simply give up and let the laziness take over. This is why some people are successful and some are not, it all depends on if you have the will and motivation to change and better yourself. As for people who just give up to that laziness they end up not doing their job properly and the result is something like this :

1. That’s a Picture They’ll Never Show On Their Website

2. Jesus Was Here

3. This Is What Happens When You Mow The Lawn For Weeks And Leave The Cone As It Is

4. My Job Is Done Here *Throws Shovel*


5. It Works Perfectly, There’s No Water Around It

6. “Long Yellow Things” You Should Just Give Up On Life After This

7. This Picture Triggers My OCD

8. When You’re Checking Out That A$$

9. We All Have That Crazy Friend



12. Stop…Stahp…Sotp Plz



Written by How Africa

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