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12 Of The Craziest Things Mike Tyson Has Done!!

New York sports psychologist, Dr. Richard Lustberg, thinks Mike Tyson needs psychiatric care. Tyson says as a kid he got his education from the streets, the only place where he found acceptance and love. Here are the craziest things Mike Tyson has done. These are real stories from Mike himself.

  • In 1998, he saw his soon to be divorced wife Robin Givens with the still not famous Brad Pitt pulling in her driveway. Mike did not beat Brad, but Brad described the situation as truly scary.
  • In 2009, while high on cocaine and morphine and also drinking vodka, he was paranoid the prostitutes would steal his wallet and he assaulted all seven of them leaving them bruised and bloodied.
  • In 1991, Tyson admits to doing five to seven things worse than rape.
  • Mike loved drugs so much, that he would empty a cigarette of its tobacco and replace it with cocaine.
  • In 1992, Mike was imprisoned for rape. He did some research on how to shorten his sentence and stumbled upon Voodoo Magic. He did some pretty weird rituals. After 3 years he was out of jail.
  • In 2003, Mike, while high on cocaine, punched a fan out cold for begging for his signature.
  • In 1988, Mitch Green has just lost a match against Tyson and wanted a rematch. They soon met at a mall and Mike started fighting Mitch in public. Mitch suffered multiple injuries but won $45,000 in a lawsuit. The scenario was by the way a Mitch initiated confrontation.
  • While in prison, Tyson got one of the woman prison counselors pregnant. She did not have the baby but Mike claimed he had intercourse with her three times a day.


  • In 2003, Mike beat his promoter Don King while inside a car. It was assumed it was because of his lost $400 million.



  • Mike admits to using fake penis with urine for his drug test before a fight. During a fight in 2000, he tested positive because the guy in-charge forgot to bring the fake penis to the arena.



  • In 2000, Mike fought Lou Savarese while totally high on marijuana and cocaine and won. He admits to fighting a lot of matches while high.



  • Mike says he was celibate from 1981 to n1986.  He wanted to be a great fighter and did not want any distractions.

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