12 Incredible Coincidences That Cause Us To Ask Questions!

Sometimes life gives us bizarre surprises, difficult to explain as a mere coincidence or the theory of probability.

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It looks like a reincarnation

Enzo Ferrari, founder of Ferrari, died in 1988. A month later, football player Mesut Özil was born. In the photo, it looks like twins.

Prediction of the “Titanic” sinking

In 1898, 14 years before the sinking of the Titanic, Morgan Robertson wrote the novel The Shipwreck of the Titan , in which he described the accident of the steamer. But this is not the only coincidence: in fact, both boats were deemed unsinkable, and they had almost identical characteristics. And in both cases it turned out that there were not enough rescue boats and that the two naves struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic.

After the sinking of the Titanic, the novel was republished under the title of Futility, or the remains of the Titan.

Neighbors with a difference of two centuries

The composer Georg Friedrich Händel was neighbor to the famous guitarist Jimi Hendrix, but with a difference of 200 years. Händel lived in London at Brook street, 25 while Jimi Hendrix lived next door at Brook street, 23. They were both geniuses of music, and had a great influence on his development.

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The tragedy of the Hoover dam

One of the first people who lost his life during the construction of the Hoover Dam was George Tierney, who died on December 20, 1922 during the preparatory work. The last person who died during the construction of the dam was Patrick Tierney, son of George … also on December 20.

The only two cars of the time that come in

In 1985, in Ohio, two cars collided. What is bizarre is that at that time the automobile industry was just beginning to emerge, and there were only two cars in the state of Ohio. Unfortunately, at that time, accidents were not recorded, so there is no official data for this case.

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Coincidences in the biographies of Lincoln and Kennedy

There are too many bizarre coincidences between these two presidents of the United States: Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy. Here are a few :

  • The two presidents were shot dead on a Friday before a public holiday (Lincoln on Eve of Easter, Kennedy on Thanksgiving Day). Both accompanied by their wives, and another married couple.
  • The two presidents had four children.
  • Everyone had a friend nicknamed Billy Graham.
  • Kennedy had a secretary whose name was Lincoln; Lincoln had a secretary named John.
  • Their two successors were their vice-presidents, called Johnson. Both came from the south and were democrats.

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The First and Last Soldier


The tombs of the first and last British soldier who died during the First World War are six meters apart and face each other. This location was a perfect coincidence.

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Rumors about Edgar Allan Poe’s time machine

The novel by Edgar Allan Poe The Adventures of Arthur Gordon Pym talks about how four survivors of a shipwreck had to eat a sailor named Richard Parker. The author said that the story was based on real facts, but it was not.

And yet, 46 years after the publication of the novel, there was indeed a shipwreck, and the survivors decided to eat the sailor, who was called … Richard Parker. The rumors of the existence of a time machine in the hands of Allan Poe were not long in coming.

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Unhappy brothers

In July 1975, Erskine Lawrence Ebbin, a 17-year-old resident of the Bermuda Islands, died while driving a motorcycle and was hit by a taxi. Almost a year before, in the month of July also, the brother of Erskin had died at the same age. He was traveling on the same motorcycle, and he too was overthrown by a taxi. The worst thing was that it was the same taxi driver and … the same passenger.

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A rare book and Anthony Hopkins

One fine day, actor Anthony Hopkins had the urgent need to find the book  The Girl on the Street Petrovka by George Feifer, because he had to study a role. He searched him in all the bookshops in vain, and later, by chance, he found a copy on a bench in the subway. When Hopkins met Feifer a few days later, he told him that he either did not have a copy because he had lent him to a friend, and that he had lost it in a metro station .

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A special name for the Roman Empire

Rome, the city where the Roman Empire was born, was founded by Romulus and Remus. Then Romulus became the first emperor of Rome. The last governor of the Western Roman Empire was Romulus Augustule, whose birth name was Flavius ​​Romulus Augustus. Be that as it may, the name “Romulus” began and ended the history of one of the oldest empires.

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The prediction of the victory of Donald Trump in the series “The Simpsons”

In one of the episodes of the year 2000, the creators of the television series “The Simpsons” made a parody of Donald Trump elected President of the United States. Did they know that this would become a reality?

More surprisingly, the fact that Trump’s election campaign is almost identical to that of real life.

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