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11 WWII Black American Soldiers Receive Posthumous Honors For Heroism

Members of the 333rd Field Army Battalion, 11 Black American soldiers who were tortured by Nazis, were honored posthumously by the U.S. government.

The bodies of the 11 black American soldiers, unearthed in the last winter of World War II, offered a post-mortem look at the horrors of their final hours, reporting New York Daily News.

The U.S. fighters had their eyes gouged out — while still breathing. Tire tracks showed where the Nazi SS rolled armored cars over the men. Bullet wounds illustrated how the soldiers were shot in a sadistic fashion meant to inflict maximum suffering, not death.


The dead were assigned to the 333rd Field Army Battalion, members of a unit lauded for its deadly aim in battle. Yet theirs was a sacrifice long ignored by their country.

The soldiers of the segregated 333rd FAB were among the first blacks to be trained for actual combat, rather than shunted into service positions. Under the command of VIII Corps, they landed on Utah Beach on June 19, 1944.

A new book, “The Lost Eleven: The Forgotten Story of Black American Soldiers Brutally Massacred in World War II,” recounts their little-known story.

These 11 black American soldiers suffered a lot for a fight against Nazis, it’s good that their story is now known and they are honored.


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