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11 Things African Girls/Women Love Besides Money


We don’t know of a single person who will choose poverty over riches, we all love money and so does Ghanaian girls. But let’s put the cliched “money-loving” attitude of African women aside and talk about something else.

Of course, we love our African women, they are our backbone and we know them like our boxers. Here are 10 things African women love besides money.

Fashionable Men


Just as business men say, your appearance is your business card, African women are not very business-minded but they have a soft spot for men who know how to dress, this is actually universal.

Live Shows, Especially Award Shows


99% of the women at live shows in Ghana don’t pay, it’s either they get free ticket or they ball on someone’s budget.

Instagram likes

Since social media is the new deal, getting lots of likes makes you an auto celeb, well sort of …

Romantic Aboboi


The meaning of being romantic in africa is way different, in Africa it means showing your girlfriend’s pictures on your social media pages, telling them you love them and making it public.


Dating Their Bosses & Superiors

Trust me, most African women are in love or have a crush on their bosses and supervisors.

Sending Them Airtime (Credit)

If you’re unlucky and you date someone younger than you, especially the girls in SHS, all you get is “send me credit” ..


Frances and Gillies Wedding in Accra Ghana

If you decide to go cooperate, you must be ready to marry her because they don’t play. Cooperate women want men who are ready for the next level, also, marriage is the prime achievement for African women in their late 20’s and above. She really doesn’t want you to waste her time and play games. It’s either you are in or not.

Married Men


One ironic thing we’ve realized, thanks to our married friends is, married men get the most advances from women. Apparently women love them the most. We can’t seem to figure out why.

Latest Gadgets

Gold Plated iPhone 5S

Getting a African girl is not very hard, just buy her the latest gadgets, iPhone 6, Samsung Gallaxy (Note 4, S4 etc. ) and you can win her heart :)

Good S’ex

Of course, no woman will choose the opposite … *wink*



Fast cars, good cars, with any car, you can get the best African girl


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  1. This is the worst insulting article I have ever read. But sorry if the sample you took are all those materialistic girls, who are not only African girls.
    As a proud African girl, shows, latest gadgets or gadgets, cars, and married men are not my type.
    This description of ambitious and at the same time easy girl, I don’t think is a tag for me neither for other girls I know.
    And I have seen many girls fighting to marry the young man of their love who is as poor as themselves, for happiness and for an available man.
    Please don’t send out such cheap observations you are on your club partners and qualify them as real and aapplicable to all African girls.
    By the way, people should start calling countries by their names.
    Though I m pproud be African, I am also proud to be recognized as a belonging to a specific country.

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