11 Reasons Why Married Women Cheat

cheating husbandMarriage is seen as the greatest institution between two people, but unfortunately there are more problems within this union than any other. One major problem is cheating.

About 75% of divorces stem from cheating, either from the woman or the man. Men have been accused more of cheating than women, but you will be surprised to know even women cheat more these days and here are the reasons why.

11. Complacency 

When you were together before marriage, you were probably miles apart and so seeing each other always appears fresh, but now you’re married and you wake up in each others faces. You always see each other and so couples don’t mind or pay attention to what the other does. Sometimes things that would have made you rush out to help her aren’t there anymore. When this continues for long, the bliss in the love reduces and women will want to find it elsewhere.

10. Not Helping Her Out

Before marriage, she probably had sisters who were taking care of certain things for her, but after she got married, she has had to do everything on her own, coupled with taking care of a baby, so from time to time, she expects the man to help with the chores but if she is ignored for long and she’s overwhelmed by the workload, she’s likely to cheat with a man who will help her out.

9. Financial Situations

Women just don’t know how to survive without money and they find it difficult if they are unable to buy some basic things such as panties, bra, make-up kit, dresses etc. and usually with marriage, some of these things come to a halt or are reduced. She doesn’t get the opportunity to go shopping and all that and before you know it, she’s cheating with a man who can satisfy those needs.

8. Limited Expectations

Before marriage, women actually fantasize about marriage being rosy, like a fairy tale ending where they lived happily ever after, thinking the man will be so romantic after marriage, will lift them up every morning when they are pregnant. They actually daydream about this and when they finally get married, they realize it was indeed as it was, a fairy tale.


Reality strikes and they realize, it’s nowhere near their imagination and before they know it, they are looking for it elsewhere.

7. Interference From Family And Friends

You might not see anything wrong with your friends and family coming over all the time for dinner or a drink but she really gets concerned, because whenever they come over, the workload is on her and this can be a burden on her and can make her cheat just to get it off her back.

6. Intimacy

With time, couples become distant due to children, jobs and economic pressure, meanwhile, women love the intimacy and privacy you share together. When it’s not forthcoming, she’s likely to get someone who will provide her with that.

5. Sensitive

Women are actually a bundle of sensitive “creatures” and whatever you do or say to them can have an adverse effect on them for ages. Shouting at her or ridiculing her in an unpleasant manner is likely to make her want to find solace elsewhere and by now you know what she’s likely to do.

Also if she finds a man who understands her sensitivity and surprises her all the time, she’s likely to fall for it.

4. Treating Her As Your One And Only

Women always want to be the number one on your priority list and so after marriage, if you ignore and pay more attention to your job and friends, she’s likely to cheat on you with someone who will make her, his number one.

3. Living Parallel Lives

In marriage, couples hardly care about what each other does. They can actually wake up and pass by each other at the hallway, in the bedroom, in the shower, etc. without saying a word to each other. Is like saying, “Yeah! I know you’re there, no need to talk to you”. This is one thing women can’t stand and when that happens, they are likely to cheat.

2. Revenge

If you’ve ever cheated on her, then prepare for payback.

1. $ex

When the $ex gets boring and no more thrilling as it used to be, she’s likely to go find someone who makes her feel good.


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