11 bad habits that ruin your teeth

There are surprisingly a lot of things we do with our teeth that affect them negatively, these bad habits include:

  1. Chewing on Ice- This seemly harmless habit can chip or even crack your teeth, thereby leading to regular toothaches.                                                              
  2. Piercings in the mouth- Since our mouths accommodate lots of bacteria, any piercing, whether lip or tongue, raises the risk of infections and sores.
  3. Grinding Teeth- Teeth grinding, or bruxism, can wear teeth down over time.
  4. Consuming lots of Sweets- This is a no-brainer as sweets promote tooth decay especially if they are the gummy, sticky kind. but some candies are harder to bear.
  5. Taking a lot of Soda/Sugary Drinks- Due to their sugary nature, they are capable of wrecking your teeth by eating away at the tooth enamel.
  6. Opening Things With Your Teeth- This bad habit can cause your teeth to crack or chip.
  7. Drinking Fruit Juice- Although they are supposed to be loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, most juices are also loaded with sugar. In order to avoid ruining your teeth, stick  to freshly squeezed juice or dilute your juice with some water.                                             
  8. Chewing Potato Chips.
  9. Drinking Coffee- The dark color and acidity can cause yellowing of the teeth over time.
  10. Smoking- Apart from the fact that cigarettes can stain your teeth, they also cause your teeth to fall out as a result of gum disease. Tobacco can also cause cancer of the mouth, lips, and tongue.
  11. Drinking Wine- The acids in wine eat away at tooth enamel, creating rough spots that make teeth more vulnerable to staining. This applies to both red and white wine.

Bottom line, your teeth should only be used for eating.


Written by How Africa

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