11 Amazingly Fun And Gross Facts You Never Knew About Your Butt

The human buttocks has an array of things it does that you may never have had an idea of. The human buttocks are the two rounded portions of flesh located on the posterior part of the pelvic region that is mostly made up of a layer of fat superimposed on the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius muscles. It takes weight off the foot and has been known to be a form of sexual attraction in different cultures of the world.


Enough of the serious explanations, read on as we bring 11 of the most amazing and gross facts you never knew about your butt.

Muffles Farts
Bet you never knew this, but the hair that lies in your anal region can actually help muffle and skiffle the sound of your fart. As a result of this, it may be virtually impossible for you to fart silently if your butt hole is cleanly shaved.

Comes In Different Sizes
The buttocks of women are naturally larger and better rounded than those of men. This is due to the hormone – oestrogen produced in large quantities in women which makes fat accumulates in their buttocks rather than in their stomachs.

Bigger Butt, Healthier Life
It has been scientifically proven that bigger butts is way better than bigger tummys. Research has shown that people with more fat in their stomachs region are at risk of an earlier death than people with lesser belly fat. As such, people with more fat on their butt’s have a higher probability of living longer than people with belly fat.

The Butt Has Got Strength
The buttocks is made of some of the strongest muscles that exist in the human body. Some of the muscles that make up the butt includes the gluteus maximus (the major and largest muscle in your butt), gluteus medius (the second largest muscle in your butt), and gluteus minimus (the smallest muscle in your butt). The muscles in your butt play a huge role in movement from one point to another. Other activities the muscles of the butt help you with include Standing up, walking, climbing stairs, crouching, or just standing erect.


You Had A Tail In There
From when you were a foetus, a bone existed right on top of your butt which was shaped and formed like a tail. The bone is called the coccyx which disappears as the foetus grows and develops. More so, from evolutionary theories, claim the bone was actually a tail before evolution weeded it out.

Fart! Fart! Fart!
It is said that people tend to fart an average thirteen to twenty-five times per day. Farting is actually a sign that you’re healthy and if you aren’t farting, it may be an indication of an underlying health issue.

Your Poop Is Mostly Water
The faecal matter you excrete is made up of 75% water! That is roughly the land to water ratio of the earth!

Your Poop Has Got Energy!
Believe it or not, but your poop retains close to 55% of its original energy from when it was eaten. As such, your poop is not just faecal matter which is just waste. It can be beneficial to other living sources. Don’t think to start eating it though.

Why Your Poop Is Brown
The colour of your poop is brown mostly because it contains bile- a yellowish brown fluid produced by the liver and dead red blood cells. Bile aids the digestion of lipids in the small intestine.

Greenish Poop
If you find out that your poop is greenish, it may be so because you recently consumed a large chunk of food containing blue or green dye or maybe because the food you ate moved faster than normal through your intestines without passing through the rigorous digestive process.

You might not know this, but hemorrhoids are not really medical conditions. Hemorrhoids are actually the fleshy cushions that lie in the anal region of your butt and they help to control the ejection motion of your poop. The painful and sometimes protruding abscesses seen are as a result of hemorrhoid disease.

Ancient Hemorrhoid Treatment
Some gruelling treatments used to exist for the treatment of hemorrhoids. They include cauterizing, receiving an injection in the affected area, which causes the swollen hemorrhoidal tissue to wither and fall off and wrapping a rubber band around them until the swollen and exposed portion dies and falls off. Thankfully, cauterizing has been replaced by laser treatment.


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