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107 Year Old Woman Shows Off Some Impressive Basketball Skills [Watch]

Virginia McLaurin is the loveable 107 year old woman who couldn’t contain her excitement when she met the Obamas. The video of her meeting the presidential couple went viral. 

She recently turned 107 years old, and met the Harlem Globetrotters. The Harlem Globetrotters are dynamic basketball players who do hilarious antics and show off some amazing ball skills.

Virginia came to help celebrate the basketball team’s 90 year anniversary. She was asked to come join in the fun because now everyone knows she can really pump up the crowd.

She danced alongside the players, who looked so happy to have her join them. She also had some inspiring words for the crowd of young people who came to see the show. She told them to ‘obey their parents’ and told them to go to school and ‘get all the education you can get.’

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The Globetrotters gave Virginia a custom basketball jersey with her name on the back, and the number 107 for her amazing age.


She even spins the basketball on her finger with the help of one of the players, and then she gives him a high five afterwards. They introduce her as Grandma Virginia, and she talks to the group of kids.

She has such a lively spirit, and is always laughing and smiling. One of the players gets her on her feet, and she can be seen in the video dancing and doing some ball tricks in the hall with another player. She is living proof that age is just a number.

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