102-Year-Old Australian Scientist Vows To Work Till Death

A 102-year-old scientist has vowed to keep working until his last breath.

The Australian scientist, David Goodall, fought his university’s authorities when they insisted that he had overstayed his post-retirement opportunity, considering his exceedingly advanced age.

Goodall has spent 20 years as a member of faculty at the Edith Cowan University, and he fought ferociously to be allowed to work on campus despite concerns about his safety.

The institution, which is in Western Australia, gave in to his plea, and agreed that he could work from home.

The university authorities had considered his presence a safety risk.

As Australia’s oldest working scientist, Dr. Goodall has produced more than 100 research papers in ecology — a career spanning seven decades (70 years).


He is currently an unpaid honorary research associate.

Last August, members of staff had raised concerns about his safety at work, which made the university authorities to ask him to stop coming to office.

Earlier in the year, Goodall had had to also give up driving because of his failing vision.

The university authorities said they had found better office space for him on campus, which is also closer to his residence.

“I am pleased we have found a solution that will ensure David can continue to be based at ECU,” vice-chancellor Steve Chapman was quoted as saying.

The ecologist expressed gratitude for the university’s efforts.

“I hope to continue with some useful work in my field in so far as my eyesight permits. But I still think the emphasis on safety was unnecessary,” Goodall argued.


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