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100 Best Secondary Schools in Africa, Does Your School Feature in the List

Grading a list of the best secondary schools per country across Africa is always going to be a difficult task. What makes it complex is the the differences in curricular and assessments. The author paid more attention to schools that have been prominent at national and regional level.

You will find most of the the schools featured on the list are  quite old, the reason being the historical aspect the author went by. Some schools that were very good at a national level, yet lacked regional presence were also considered given that they did not have any regional assessments to partake.

In the list, South Africa not only takes the cake in-terms of the number of schools but they also occupy, numero uno, the number one place. Grey College of South Africa comes up top of the list as expected. Kenya didn’t do too shabbily with 8 slots their Rift Valley Academy coming in at No. 2 in Africa and overall best secondary school in Kenya.

We have two schools in Zimbabwe taking positions 5 and 6, another Kenyan school at number 7. The academic giants like Alliance, Starehe Boy s and Lenana ranked very many slots behind Rift Valley Academy. Here is a list of 100 best secondary schools in Africa

Please take the list in, have a look at the methodology the author used then you can comment. This wasn’t an easy task as mentioned before but I also believe having an indication is a start. Also discussing it is vital for Africans because my belief is,  Education will be the cornerstone of Africa’s renaissance.

I challenge Africa to start coming up with an Afrocentric system of education that is geared to solving Africa’s challenges like poverty, disease, development and growth. This education must be designed to empower the people of Africa to change develop and grow their environment.

Please see the list below of 100 best schools in Africa

1. Grey College South Africa
2. Rift Valley Academy Kenya
3. King Edward VII School South Africa
4. Hilton College South Africa
5. St. George’s College Zimbabwe
6. Prince Edward School Zimbabwe
7. International School of Kenya Kenya
8. Accra Academy Ghana
9. Lycée Lamine Guèye Senegal
10. Adisadel College Ghana
11. St John’s College Houghton South Africa
12. Maritzburg College South Africa
13. Lycée Guebre Mariam Ethiopia
14. Selborne College South Africa
15. St Alban’s College South Africa
16. Lycée Lyautey Morocco
17. Durban High School South Africa
18. Grey High School South Africa
19. St Andrew`s College South Africa
20. Gateway High School Zimbabwe
21. Glenwood High School South Africa
22. Rainbow International School Uganda
23. Lycée Moulay Youssef Morocco
24. Kearsney College South Africa
25. St. James High School Zimbabwe
26. Wynberg Boys High School South Africa
27. Pretoria Boys High School South Africa
28. Lycée Français de Tananarive Madagascar
29. Mauritius College of the Air Mauritius
30. International School Moshi Tanzania
31. Le Collège Mermoz Ivory Coast
32. Strathmore School Kenya
33. Parktown Boys’ High School South Africa
34. International School of Tanganyika Tanzania
35. Holy Child School Ghana
36. Christ The King College Onitsha Nigeria
37. Graeme College South Africa
38. Jeppe High School for Boys South Africa
39. Alliance High School Kenya
40. Hillcrest School Jos Nigeria
41. Kingswood College South Africa
42. Hamilton High School Zimbabwe
43. Lincoln International School Uganda
44. Lycée Victor Hugo Morocco
45. Alexandra High School South Africa
46. École Normale Supérieure Guinea
47. Ghana International School Ghana
48. Arundel School Zimbabwe
49. Rondebosch Boys’ High School South Africa
50. Starehe Boys’ Centre Kenya
51. American International School of Johannesburg South Africa
52. Victoria Park High School South Africa
53. Methodist Boys High School Sierra Leone
54. Harare International School Zimbabwe
55. Methodist Girls High School Sierra Leone
56. Lenana School Kenya
57. St. Andrew’s High School Malawi
58. Benoni High School South Africa
59. Waddilove High School Zimbabwe
60. Roedean School South Africa
61. Wykeham Collegiate Independent School for Girls South Africa
62. Lycee Francais du Caire Egypt
63. Christian Brothers’ College Bulawayo Zimbabwe
64. Kamuzu Academy Malawi
65. Mount Pleasant High School Zimbabwe
66. Mfantsipim School Ghana
67. Chisipite Senior School Zimbabwe
68. Gayaza High School Uganda
69. Kutama College Zimbabwe
70. Wheelus High School Libya
71. Michaelhouse School South Africa
72. Westville Boys’ High School South Africa
73. Namilyango College Uganda
74. Government College Umuahia Nigeria
75. Muir College South Africa
76. Wesley Girls High School Ghana
77. Alexander Sinton High School South Africa
78. Lycée Faidherbe Senegal
79. Royal College Port Louis Mauritius
80. Lycée La Fontaine Niger
81. Lycée Lyautey de Casablanca Morocco
82. Settlers High School South Africa
83. Nyeri High School Kenya
84. Pinetown Boys’ High School South Africa
85. Kings’ College Lagos Nigeria
86. Lycée Français Liberté Mali
87. Paarl Boys’ High School South Africa
88. St. Paul’s College Namibia
89. Tafari Makonnen School Ethiopia
90. Wynberg Girls’ High School South Africa
91. Bingham Academy Ethiopia
92. Port Shepstone High School South Africa
93. Clapham High School South Africa
94. Hillcrest Secondary School Kenya
95. South African College School South Africa
96. Lycée Blaise Diagne Senegal
97. St Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls South Africa
98. Townsend High School Zimbabwe
99. St.Gregory’s College Nigeria
100. St. Patrick School Zimbabwe


Methodology Used by the author

  • The author selected the list of schools that have historical prominence at a national and regional level. That is the reason most schools that featured on the list are also quite old, some started well before their corresponding countries became independent. This is especially the case for most public secondary/high schools. Here it is important to note that not all schools take part in regional assessments. Yet, not a single school was eliminated for lack of regional accomplishments. Schools that were very good at a national level, yet lacked regional presence were also considered given that they did not have any regional assessments to partake.
  • The author then went over the list of a few hundred schools selecting the schools that continued to lead at a national and regional level especially in the past few years when there has been national and regional rankings for secondary/high schools. It is also important to state that countries have different rakings and they rank different criteria which made it difficult to harmonize the list.
  • In addition to how the different schools have performed at a national level, schools whose students win prestigious scholarships and fellowships at a national and international level earned points above those that did not. On this, some schools had an advantage over others in that the data was readily available on their own websites or their Wikipedia pages. International schools are a case in point.
  • And success of individuals did not translate into success of the school that that particular individual attended. For instance, Koffi Annan was not enough to have Mfantsipim School (Ghana) on the list. Performance of a school is much more than what one individual had done.  Mfantsipim School (Ghana) has done much more than nurturing a UN Secretary General.
  • The article mentioned, “Most of these schools are old, with tremendous wealth of history. The performance of such schools did take consistency into consideration to eliminate the quick rise and quick fall cases. In addition, great schools such as the African Leadership Academy have yet to prove themselves over years. Only time will tell whether they will remain at the highest level they are at.”
  • Some readers may disagree with the way we construct our rankings methodology. Let us know if we missed an important component below in comments.

Some people may not agree with this ranking, that is fine too, but in my mind Africa has to re-evaluate education to suit its people and environment.



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  1. sorry but when a school like Crawford Sandton which is one of the top performing schools in the country is left off (and I currently have no kids in that high school) I have to doubt the results

    • Lol academically yes but there other aspects to consider. Schools are not only institutions for cognitive development

      • which high school did you go to? Cause your comment is redundant since you are already commenting you already ,as it where,have lost sleep over this article

    • I have gotten to spend time in a number of considered ‘top schools’ across Africa, and South Africa in particular. There is *NO* way that Crawford Sandton — or *any* of the Crawford schools — belong on this list….even if you only consider academics. This is not intended to defend the list — the author made an effort and is transparent about his/her approach — but just a repudiation of the assertion that Crawford Sandton should be on it.

    • This list is definitely not accurate. Jeppe boys ranked above schools like Michaelhouse and SACS. Ridiculous. I’m trying my best to be impartial but I don’t see how this list makes sense at all.

      Crawford Sandton wouldn’t deserve a place regardless, its not a well rounded school. Its a private school, yet follows the limited GED curriculum and has almost no sport. Waste of cash IMHO, rather head to one of the better gov schools.

      What is benoni high school doing on here!!??

  2. I attended the Prince of Wales School in Sierra Leone which is also a good school but frankly, this ranking is wrong without our rival – the Sierra Leone Grammar School – the first school in West Africa with a European curriculum and where many of the Administrators and Professionals of British West Africa were educated. Besides, from history to present, the school has a continuous record of outstanding performance in Sierra Leone and the sub region. The presenter appears to have focused on influential countries like South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe, etc, and paid very little attention to least developing countries like Sierra Leone which was known to be the Athens of West Africa due to the contribution of Fourah Bay College, Sierra Leone Grammar School (SLGS), and Annie Walsh Memorial Sec School (AWMSS). From History to present day, The SLGS and the AWMSS have been doing better than the Methodist Girls High School in Sierra Leone but are not seen on the list. It simply tells that the writer didn’t undertake thorough research before doing the ranking. This therefore put doubt to the accuracy of the entire ranking profile, a thought I believe most Sierra Leoneans share.

    • I doubt your research mythology failing to mentioned the oldest senior secondary schools in West Africa, i.e. Sierra Leone Grammar School and Annie Walsh Secondary School (according to your research) and the leading in terms of public examination results (WASSCE) in west Africa since colonial days (The Athens Of West Africa) they have been heading the West African Exams even the present results they scored the best results with 8As followed by a Nigeria school for two years in a roll which the Sierra Leone Methodist Boys/Girls High School failed to do and in terms of age those above two mentioned schools are the oldest in West Africa. Please go back and do a proper research you should have never mentioned any Sierra Leonean school point.

      • Alush Alvin, you got it wrong to labelled Sierra Leone Grammar School as the Anthens Of West Africa. A gentle reminder for you is Fourah Bay college is the only institution in Sierra Leone that was often referred to as the Anthens Of West Africa. This is because it is the first higher institution of learning in West Africa. Not Grammar School! honestly, i have much respect for the schools you mentioned in your comments . Please respect the fact that the publishers made no mistake to have selected Methodist Boys High School and Methodist Girls High school to be rated among the best schools in Africa. I know you may agree with me that both the M B H S and M G H S are good schools. So why questioninq the publication!

    • Alimamy, it’s lnded a jelousy on your part to discredit this publication, the simple reason is because your beloved prince of Wales is not considered among the rated schools. Coming back to your prominent people that your beloved Prince of Wales have produced! is no doubt an achievement for your school kudos for that! what really disgusted me in your comments is that you failed to mension prominent people that were also groomed by Methodist Boys’ High school. To you M B H S is not fit to be on the list! why the envy? my humble opinion to you is that you should be happy our country Sierra Leone is up to the task to have a school to be rated among the top schools in Africa rather than opposing the publication. The truth is the publishers made no mistake to have selected my M B H S to be on the list. so my question for you is why the envy for Methodist Boys High School?

  3. Accra Academy are not even the best school in Accra. This article is a freaking joke. In Ghana, there are greater schools like Achimota School, Mfantsipim School, Prempeh College, Presby Boys Secondary School, St Peters Secondary School.

    • Are you shitting me. How can you put Achimota on this list. They haven’t produced any good student in the last 30 years. Agreed Presec deserves to me on the list the others mentioned none compares to Accra Aca. Botwe deserves the #66, #10 for Adisco and #30 something for Holyco is too high a ranking for those schools. Gay hey deserves to be tanked higher but Achimota no way they should be on the list. We are not talking about glorious past and even that is questionable because Motown used to be a university college and was downgraded to a secondary school so you ask any old Akoro and they have another secondary school they treasure. Accra Aca have been consistent over the year. Botwe had a slump in the 80s through the early 2000s, it’s just recently picking up. Peters is ok but I’ll rank pope jones and Aquinas ahead of them and more school those are schools with around 100 students every year so it’s manageable and yet their percentage is not anything to write home about.

    • Don’t hate on the list just because you don’t see your school there. Accra Aca is a fine establishment.

  4. I don’t agree… You are looking at Education Systems or schools? In Kenya, you seem to have picked more expensive schools

  5. Hmm,I doubts this rankings are true.In Ghana although Accra Academy is a good school but it doesn’t compare to Mfantsipim,Achimota,Adisadel,Presby Boys,etc….Mfantsipim at #66?

  6. Please this isn’t accurate. The fact that you left Presec-Legon (Ghana) proves it. If u followed your methodology it should have been on this list.

  7. This ranking should not be treated seriously. I comment based on the 2 schools from Uganda that are featured here.

    The author ends by challenging Africa to evaluate its education and align it to its people and environment. Based on the schools from the Ugandan context which is what I am familiar with, this ranking focuses on international schools, whose curriculum may not be relevant to the African context.

    The author also talks about Lincoln International school, which changed its name eons ago to become International School of Uganda. In addition the author’s first point in his/her methodology invalidates his ranking. The author assets that the assessment selected schools that have a historical prominence at a national and regional level, and that most schools on the list are old, with some established in the preindependence period. How does s/he explain the inclusion of rainbow international school which started in 1991, and the exclusion of a School like St. Mary’s College Kisubi which is a star high school in Uganda est. 1906? But he also asserts that public national schools that do not partake in regional contests are also included. I also note that the methodology is silent on the variables that were used to rank the schools. So in which areas do these schools excel? When the author talks of performance, what exactly does s/he mean? Is it in the area of academics, sports, music, art, discipline? What exactly do you mean? The author confesses that he uses web presence to rank the schools. In a region where internet proliferation is low, and most schools located in areas where there is no infrastructure to support internet connectivity, how can this be a criteria for ranking? Moreover content on the school websites is determined by the school themselves. I understand that there is a university ranking (webometrics) based on web presence, but I do not think that this is an appropriate measure in this context. University websites may feature profiles of research work done, which can be verified, unlike the secondary schools.

    Overall the methodology of this ranking has to rethought and redeveloped. The armchair methodology just does not cut it, and only serves to invalidate the process and the positions of these schools, many of which may actually be key performers.

    • You are spot on Agatha! Armchair methodology definitely does not cut it! Africa is plagued with technology and electricity challenges and if one is to use web presence as the main criteria for assessment then there would be a lot of good schools left out as evident here. A definite redevelopment of the methodology used is a must!

    • I totally agree with you Agatha. Unfortunately, it is not easy to critic the list as the authors methodology is unclear. Interestingly, I was looking at the list of ‘UK’s best schools’ only yesterday and judging from this list, I can see they have something in common. The schools infrastructures, fees, tradition and outputs. Some of these schools have services that competes with world class 5 star hotels. My son went to King Edward the VII, which is 3rd on the list and what I can see is that it’s overall curriculum was taken into consideration. How many schools have world-sports superstars as their sporting coaches? This feature (and many others) is not prominent in Uganda and I can see why many so called excellent Ugandan schools are missing on this list. As for Internet connectivity being a hindrance to many schools being invisible, I am afraid we are now living in a fast paced IT era, where many institutions are judged on their tech exposures. In the UK that would be catastrophic. Countries like Uganda with poor connectivity will always be left out. Outputs of the best schools will always search to solve problems in their communities… If they are not able to solve issues of poor electricity or compete in a high fast paced tech environment by for instance trying to find solutions to slow internet connectivity and so else are they to be judged? I am afraid they will always remain relegated to the unfortunate positions. Our so called great schools are still cramming outdated summaries of others while elsewhere, they are churning out the Mark Zuckerbergs of this world.

    • Fair point although your assumption that Rainbow International School Uganda and the International School of Uganda (Formerly Lincoln International Uganda) are the only Ugandan schools on this list, clearly indicates a lack of attention paid to the contents of the list, where two other Ugandan Schools are mentioned including Gayaza College for girls, an old and well respected establishment. We have to respect this person’s transparency and understand that these figures are not set in stone, these figures merely being a well informed OPINION which is in no way meant to be taken as scripture. Furthermore, this list has indeed served a purpose for the greater good which is this very on going discussion of a forum for African Education and a means of ranking schools across the continent in a fair, well researched and justified manner. These are the beginnings of the steps taken to better our continent’s eduction systems and by extension, the future of Africa.

    • Hahaha and Port Shepstone?!? You’ve got to be joking!? Surely then you missed schools like Dundee High School and Sarel Cilliers High School in Northern KZN? And no mention of Treverton where education is about so much more than just “hitting the books”? And where Zambian, Zimbabwean, Malawaian and parents from even further afield choose to send their children because of Treverton’s well rounded approach to education (inside and outside the classroom) and brilliant results! And surely Weston Agricultural should feature too, or is it assumed that a good education is purely based on academic and sporting results?

  8. Waterford College in Swaziland is one of the few Harvard or any Ivy League feeder colleges on the continent let alone in the Southern most part of Africa. How it is not on the list baffles me…all I see are really really expensive schools with good cultures but as for excellence, i am not convinced.

  9. Capricorn High School was always on the list of top schools in South Africa. I went there as did most of my family.

    Do you have any idea what went wrong?

    Just curious

  10. I find it hard to believe that a school with a consistent pass rate of 70% would be better than that of a 100% pass rate based on the last 10 years.I’m referring to Clapham being mentioned with Pretoria High School for girls being excluded.

      • Lol take note Jeppe is one of the few schools in SA whose demograpgics reflect its context and is host to children from different social rankings. Is that true of Affies and Michael house?

  11. Absence of Mangu School, Kenya High School, Nairobi School, St. Marys School from Kenya would raise eyebrows. Have also noticed British influence in most of the historical well established schools.
    As an alumini of Lenana School, I am quite pleased. I think ‘re-introduction of A-level and campaigning for research Institutions is the key to a better learned and equipped Africa.
    Our Universities need to find own identity especially culture of greatness and self sufficiency.

  12. I do not think you know much of the western cape in South Africa. How is it that the consistent top academic schools are not listed here? Taking away the massive cultural side, sport and history, Bishops Diocesan College has been the top academic boy school consistently in previous years. How is it that Herschel is also not listed as has also been the top girl school academically?

    • When the author claims to be judging on national and regional contribution and Bisops is not on the list you have to question the criteria. Sport- most National representatives, Academic – more Rhodes scholars than any other school in Africa more PhD graduates , university professors, surgeons, more CEOs of JSE or London listed companies and throw in a few national politicians, clergy and educationalists and it would be hard to top it anywhere in the World – never mind Africa. Pity they don’t write IEB to show a direct comparison, Shuttleworth should balance that out.

  13. I’m going to assume that you only had a list of 120 schools to work with and got bored with doing proper research. Even if those are the top 100 schools, the order is ridiculous.

  14. i tink de author has gotten it wrong….in ghana u rate Achimota first.Apuuu….St Augustines College- cape coast Ghana,G.S.T.S takoradi ghana,Achbishop Porter girls, Legon presec, ar all better dan Achimota pls come again

  15. Inaccurate information put out there. Using your so called methodology, how can you leave out schools like Prempeh College, Presec, St. peters, Opoku ware. please come again.

  16. again, how can accra academy and the other school be ahead of wesley girls high school. everybody in ghana knows what am talking about

  17. I seriously doubt the credibility of your ranking. In Ghana Accra Academy cannot even be found among the top best schools in Accra let alone rate the best in Ghana. The best schools in terms of admissions into Ghana’s premium universities alone every year for the past decade consistently are Prempeh College, Presec, Mfantsipem, Adisadel, Ghana National, Wesley Girls, Pope Jones, Achimota, Holy Child, Opoku Ware, St Louis, St Roses, Yaa Asantewaa. In terms of most influential people the schools have churned out; Adisadel leads the pack followed by Prempeh college, Mfantsipem, Presec, Achimota and the others. Revise your methodology, you had it all wrong

  18. This article is missing a number of excellent schools. In Pretoria, South Africa, there are schools that rank top for Academy and Sport: Afrikaans Seuns High, Afrikaans Meisies High, Garsfontein High, Menlopark High, Waterkloof High. These are all Afrikaans schools.

    The article gives the impression if a school’s heritage judged by the style of its architectural buildings is good, it makes the list. No regard to the lecturing and academic excellence.

    • Lies Affies has been super inconsistent lately and oh they do reflect they do not represent their contexts demographics. Can we say really say their top SA school?

  19. Where is a mention for Our Lady of Fatima in Durban North ? 100% matric pass rate for more than 25 years . I also agree with the comment about Crawford schools – some outstanding consistent results both in the class room and on the fields

  20. Although girls schools do feature, this list clearly favors male and co-education. I have to question the list when a school like Pietermaritzburg Girls’ High school, which has had a 100% pass rate for decades, or Pretoria Girls is left off the list and other schools which yes, maybe in the past performed well, but are no longer as successful, are given precedence.

  21. Before anyone begin to criticize the work of the author, first take a look at the criteria used in selecting these schools. A perfect criteria by all standards, if you ask me. What most bitter critiques are complaining about, especially those talking about schools like Achimota, Presec, Mfantsipim, prempeh and what have you in Ghana are just a display of ignorance. Accra Academy has produced a lot of prominent Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians all over the world and in all spheres of life. Winning a local quiz competition like the Maths and science quiz doesn’t make any school a top school. If any at all just a local champion. Maths and science, even though important, happens to be just one subject
    area of education. There are more equally important subject areas Which are often overlooked in the Ghanaian society. I have seen a lot more of Accra Academy alumni graduating with top degrees in top Ivy League colleges than any of those from any other Ghanaian institution. Some of these people are top decision makers in the world of business and international politics, serving global interests and not only that of Ghana. Again, please do your research and come back again with valid arguments.

  22. What is this article ranking? Academics? Sports? What?????
    There’s no Achimota? and there’s Accra Academy? What a joke

    • Some of you guys are just quick to judge thats all. Wake up from your past glories and find the criteria used for the ranking instead of how calling names.

      • Kwami, this list is not credible as most people have already pointed out. Any credible list of top schools in Ghana will include Presec, Achimota, Wesley Girls, Mfantsipim, Prempeh, Opoku Ware, St. Peters, St. Augustine and a few others before even considering Accra Academy.

  23. Really?? All secondary schools in Africa? Wow! Did you visit Mampong in the Ashanti Region of Ghana? Because if you did St Monica’s secondary school would be on this list! Please state your step by step methodology if we are to take this list seriously. If you were to submit this report as part of a degree, I can assure you your lecturer would demand a better methodology than you have used.

  24. Certainly I can’t trust the credibility of this ranking. In Ghana, everybody knows the performance of schools like Presec Legon, Prempeh college, Mfantsipem, Adisadel college, Achimota, Pope Jones, St Peters, Opoku Ware, Westley girls, Holy Child and St Louis. After these schools then you can think of GSTS Tarkoradi, St Augustines, Pope Johns , Mfantsiman girls, Yaa Asantewaa girls, Archbishop Potters before Accra Academy. By the way, I didn’t attend any of these schools since the competition to get admission to Prempeh college was too tough so I couldn’t make the cut. Achimota products includes Dr Kwame Nkrumah, JJ Rawlings, and a lot more prominent Ghanaians.

  25. I live in South Africs and I am a teacher in what I would regard as one of the top private schools in the country. I think your list is not accurate at all. I can not comment on the non SA schools but in SA, there is no way you can rank Micheal House or Maritzburg College so low down on the list. I will agree that Benoni High is one of the top government institutions but they are not in the same league as Michael House, never mind above them. Greys college as the top school for sure, but King Edward that high up is a joke and what is Park Town boys even doing on the list. There are also many top private schools which do not appear on your list at all.

  26. this is definitely a lazy man’s article. Accra academy is not even in the top fifteen schools in Ghana.
    Wesley girls
    opoku ware
    st Augustine’s
    st Louis
    st Roses
    Aburi girls
    st Monica’s
    pope John’s

    Accra academy is in the league of achimota, kumasi high, kumasi academy, ti amass etc

    • Couldn’t have been better said. Definitely a lazy man’s job. It’s obvious the author’s research was poor but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt based on the fact that you can’t get detailed information online about high schools in Africa. So if you wanna sit behind your computer and rank these schools you’re gonna get it all wrong and that is very evident in this work. I’ll give him/her 10% for effort.

  27. Diocessan College (Bishops) Cape Town, South Africa isn’t even on the list! It is easily in the top three or four in SA.
    Why so few girls’ schools?

  28. I agree with the previous commenter that you have neglected Waterford in Swaziland. You have also not considered Maru a Pula School in Botswana which has a rich history, although short, as it catered for the children of anti-apartheid activists in the apartheid years. In addition, what about schools like Tigerkloof which has educated generations of African leaders?

  29. This ranking is definately for 20 or more years ago. How can Hamilton be one of the top schools and Falcon College is not on the list.

  30. Why spend so much time and energy on such a divisive thing as ranking schools? What is the purpose? There are probably thousands of schools across the continent teaching well. Using your time highlighting success stories and specific programmes building African scholarship would be infinitely preferable and more valuable.

  31. Article lost all credibility when I saw Lenana School, a school I deliberately ignored, for one not on the list. Click bait.

    • Maybe you just made a bad decision! Certainly any such list would not have been predicated upon your life decisions.

  32. Where is the methodology? What is given under the Methodology section is a viewpoint or perspective, not a methodology.

  33. Some of you make fair points, but to those of you who are angered by this list… I tell you what, if you can draw up a methodology and do the research (get the proof) of how certain schools are better than others, by all means there will be no complaints. The more we are willing to take criticism, the more we are willing to improve… But the more we get defensive, the more we stunt our future greatness. I ask that we all become more proactive and stop complaining about facts with no evidence/facts to back it up. Please change the wrong things in the right ways.

  34. Sorry to say, but the author would have had a more accurate reading if he drew names out of a hat (I am only referring to SA schools). Ranking a school should be done on a holistic approach. What the author used for this research is incredibly narrow minded, and incredibly inaccurate. Nice try though.

  35. This list is wrong on so many levels. The best performing schools in South Africa aren’t even on the list. Wynberg boy school that got mentioned is far below most of the best schools in the Western Cape. This list is inaccurate!

  36. Considering that sacs is the oldest school in South Africa and beats Wynberg boys in matric results every year, I find it hard to believe that SACS is ranked nearly 60 positions lower on the list. This is not accurate at all…

  37. I’m actually surprised that Queen’s College, Yaba Lagos Nigeria is not on this list; although Kings Collee Lagos got a mention albeit way at the bottom after schools I haven’t heard of before in Nigeria: Onitsha??? Umuahia??? I really wonder what criteria was used here.

  38. The compiler of this list is obviously fascinated by Boys’ schools since they predominate. There are some brilliant Girls’ schools that don’t even get a mention (like Eunice Girls’ School in Bloemfontein). The list also ignores all outstanding Afrikaans Medium schools in South Africa, most of whom would out-perform any of the bottom 80 schools on the list.

  39. Kearsney College has been one of the top performing sports schools in South Africa for a number of years. Kearsney has also finished top of the IEB results for the past number of years. Kearsney has a very strong cultural aspect having won the choir Olympics a few years running. A number of boys have also been awarded scholarships to prominent universities such as Oxford and Harvard.

    • You can only comment on a method when you know exactly what was done. Unfortunately , it is not described in this article and therefore commenting on it makes your views apears like rubbish. In other wards. ..rubbish in..rubbish out.

  40. This is a most misleading piece of “research”. Many top schools have been left out and the inclusion of a number of “has been” schools is inaccurate and the author makes a fool of himself and his research methodology!

  41. Clarendon Girls High East London – top 10 placed school for years, 22 years 100% Matric Pass rate, Academic excellence and major sporting successes+++!!!

    Seriously was this list compiled by FIFA!?

  42. Ive been waiting for a list this accurate for a long time! Definitely got the top schools spot on! Thanks for just proving those schools who are arrogant and not so great dont matter in our continent and should not be considered a viable choice for anything but mediocrity.

  43. This is hasty generalization according to the author’s research in the best schools of Africa.I argue that sierra Leone has two historic schools that are ceaselessly contributing to deliver the best secondary education in Africa. The sierra Leone grammar school founded in 1845 and the Annie Walsh memorial school 1849 top high in WASSCE followed by other schools in country.Infact the former tops best in WASSCE(8As) in the entire region and it has good records in this examination.I think this researcher has more to do.

  44. Only one school from Egypt? And that’s the Lycee? There are many better schools in Egypt than that. Rainbow in Kampala at 23. I worked there, you have to be joking. It’s built on a swamp and doesn’t have interactive whiteboards.

  45. This cannot be termed research until reviewed by peers. Very shallow. Very thin in many areas. And I have never had kids but have been a teacher.

  46. Where is Dale College Boys’ High School from King William’s Town?

    These rankings were definitely compiled by FIFA!!!

  47. Where is Dale College from King William’s Town?
    Demographically reflects South Africa and is a blueprint of a top modern day College.

    This list was probably compiled by FIFA!!!

  48. Seriously? Your focus seems to have been on the age of the school, not results. Also – your schools seem rather skewed towards those that serve boys rather than girls. This is concerning… (especially for the South African schools, as I am SA born) – either in 2015 these are still light years above those that serve girls…(very concerning) or you have ignored them. Which is it? Are the high level girls schools in SA really that far behind? In Durban for eg you have omitted Maris Stella and Durban Girls College

  49. very interested to know where St Charles College featured and if you had all the facts updated , school celebrates 140 years this year and much effort has gone into re-visiting its lost history as the school transformed itself away from the brothers 1979 ……

  50. How can you leave out Parktown Girls? Not only 100% pass rate but also almost 100% university entrance. Acknowledged every year as Wits’ top feeder school. Not only do more of our scholars attend Wits than any other high school, but more of them complete their degrees to graduation. Huge on culture and sports and we have alumni who work in all spheres of government and business.

  51. Is it not ironic that NOT ONE Afrikaans school in South Africa appears on the list?? There are schools such as Afrikaans Seuns Hoër, Afrikaans Meisies Hoër and Waterkloof Hoër, all in Pretoria, that have prestigious records going back for years, yet there is no mention of them.
    This report must have been compiled by either Idi Amin, Bob Mugabe or our very own Showerhead.

  52. What about Westerford HIgh School in Cape Town, South Africa? This is a government school with consistently high results, which produces young men and women of excellence every year.

    • Shelley, the blurb at the top says that the author went for very old schools because of the historical aspect. That isn’t a particularly good criterion for being best as far as I am concerned. Westerford only started in 1953, so probably not old enough.

      And/or the author has something against maroon. See above comment about Paul Roos being missing too.

  53. The list definitely lost all credibility when I saw Alex High on it. Their pass rate has plummeted and since it became co-ed it is a nightmare.
    What about St Johns Diocesan school? They have excellent pass rates, and have produced some pretty amazing students

  54. I have been to three of these schools on the list. The worst one is very high up the list. I am struggling to give this list credit.

  55. It’s a pity this list does not take into account academic qualifications and seems to focus on notoriety. Surprised the Kardashians don’t feature somewhere in this list.

  56. South African All Girls’ Schools were clearly an after thought. This is THE most rediculous list I have ever seen.

  57. What a load of uneducated and unadulterated bullshit of the first order. There are far too many idiots with small brains and wannabee egos that have suddenly found the internet and along with it the self proclaimed tights to judge the best countries, best food, best this best that…and now we have best schools. Well aside of the fact that my school wasn’t on the list, which is in part the reason for this outrage, I have to say some of the schools are of dubious origin. I am so tired of self proclaimed experts vomiting their so-called expert lists online – and even more tired of those that give them credibility.

  58. No Paul Roos Gymnasium !!! This quack list also doesn’t have Rhenish Girls High!!! If your school is on this list, You should be embarrassed.

  59. SACS listed in the 90’s (below the likes of Parktown(??) and Wynberg(????) et al, with their oldest rivals Bishops (Diocesan) not even on the list??

    Must be a joke.

    • Uhm sweety the list was definitely not compiled by someone from Zimbabwe because they would have included schools like Falcon College instead of Hamilton, CBC wouldn’t be on number 63, Mount Pleasant High School wouldn’t be there. Don’t try blame Zimbabweans for some shitty list. Just cause we are quiet doesn’t mean that we don’t think its dodgy cause we do. We are just too humble to do what you are doing.

  60. Could the author of this list please come clean? it is completely ridiculous – I know many of the schools listed here, some are down the road form where I stay in Joburg and none of them come close to Waterford Kamhlaba in Swaziland. Please could the author contact me.

  61. I wonder how those people manufactured this list. Were they blindfolded or did they have ear plugs on during the research or worse…? How on earth will Accra Aca be ranked the Highest in Ghana on a list that PREMPEH COLLEGE, ACHIMOTA, OPOKU-WARE, or PRESEC could not even be found?

  62. Waterford Kamhlaba United World College in Swaziland should be top of this list. I wonder if the author even knows of its existence? School of choice of Nelson Mandela, average IB Diploma score in the high 30s, scholars in all of the top US universities, pupils from 60 different countries. This school is one of the best in the world, let alone the continent of Africa!

  63. Shocked to see that both Potchefstroom schools for boys and girls didn’t make the list. I really think these findings are really flawed.

  64. No way in hell this can be true. Alexandra high school made it yet none of the Crawford schools, St John’s DSG, St Anne’s, KES, Uplands amongst many other more excellent schools weren’t even ranked.

  65. Theodor Herzl in Port Elizabeth has not had a single matric failure in about 30 years. It also amost always returns the highest average matric scores in the country. Sort, but this list is not credible.

    • Paul Roos cannot be left out, especially with Grey at no.1, they are 2 very similar schools. This list must be by a GCB old boy!

  66. this is obviously put together using bogus stats because clearly the author has not actually visited these schools or verified his info – what an insult to our intellect to have to read such twaddle

  67. This is one of those lists where you either approve of the methodology used or you don’t. The only problem is that every single one of you disagree and immediately suggest the school you attended,so drop the ego and look at the bigger picture. I attended Grey College for 12 years and it is not just about statistics it also entails the environment and Grey is a place where you are taught to be the best,no excuses,a place where 150 year old traditions are drilled into you. I personally enjoyed it even though I am gay and would never have considered coming out during my time there but unfortunately that part of the country is still filled with ignorant folk.

  68. Most of these are fine schools but when Victoria Park is on the list while Theodor Herzl High School isn’t even mentioned makes no sense. Very academic school located in Port Elisabeth, voted best school in South Africa in 2001, has a 100% Matric pass rate since its opening over 55 years ago and teachers such as Penny Blake who’s featured on the Learning Channel several times and Robin Willians who runs almost all of PE’s productions.

    Even my HOD for Mech Engineering at Stellenbosch knew Theodor Herzl and Penny Blake by name.

  69. This analysis is as shallow as the people who published it…..The methodology is misleading…a top school is one in which students excel in both curricular and extracurricular activities. 99% of the schools listed here are no where near top 100 schools in Africa.

  70. Wow. I did not go through your methodology but I can tell you that it is wrong. Your list seems to ignore the reasons why people go to school in the first place. On Zim schools you only got one kind of correct. Be careful before you publish some of these articles lest you discredit yourself.

  71. Now I know why Opoku Ware excluded itself from this list. This is the product of poor research. People should just take this as a form of comedy or something. Native Ghanaians know well that if there is no Presec (Legon), Opoku Ware, Mfantsipim, Prempeh College, and others on their ‘expected’ spots, the list cannot be right!

    In Ghana, Accra Academy is no where near the elite institutions like Presec, Opoku Ware, and Mfantsipim.

  72. In conclusion this list is terribly wrong because Kingswood College (numder 41) is beter than St Andrew’s College (number 19) and this author was probably drunk when he wrote this article.

  73. In conclusion this list is terribly wrong because Kingswood College (number 41) is better then St Andrew’s (number 19) and the author was most probably drunk when he wrote this article.

  74. Completely bogus list. Displaye the author’s limited knowledge of schools in Africa. Heads of Aga Khan Academy Mombasa pal??

  75. Well, I went to one of the schools mentioned, but disagree with both your rankings and methodology. You have not included entry criteria into the schools which in many ways determines the expected output. Even Harvard is judged by the quality of students it accepts. For a school in Kenya that only takes in from the top 2% of performers to be judged against a school of commercial considerations is to me not acceptable. Secondly, you include schools for which you have no idea of their graduation rates and university placement success (in your own words) that is absurd. Without data you are navigating blind. I saw the list because my wife sent it to me unfortunately this arm chair result will form a point of reference for far too many parents and that is a disservice to the parents. When provided a platform please use it wisely.

  76. I do believe ranking is subjective and like you put schools need to put African problems first and educate to solving the. I don’t agree with the list on bases that I’ve never come across a school in Ethiopia that is in the list that has produced that is prominent in Ethiopia. All leave the country after they graduate from the schools to the western countries. So please think about it.

  77. There could be some credibility in the rankings. Kamuzu Academy (aka The Eton of Africa) and St Andrews High School in Malawi feature high in Malawi too though there are more secondary schools but cant compete because they only offer local curriculum unlike the two above that offer international curriculum and they are doing very well.

  78. Isn’t it just spectacular that the first girls school is only mentioned in no.55 when I am 100% sure that some of the girls schools in Johannesburg – St. Mary’s Waverley, St. Andrew’s School For Girls, Kingsmead etc outperform some of the best boys schools and are consistently voted the best schools regionally .. This is ridiculous… Is this the perception of female education in our patriarchal society? Also Some of the schools that have female sister schools – i.e. Pretoria Boys, Parktown Boys, Jeppe Boys – they only choose to mention the boys’ schools not the Girls, yes, we do not have males but Pretoria Girls, Parktown Girls and Jeppe Girls, probably produces people just as smart though not as male – this is offensive actually… NOT impressed.

  79. Went to Prince Edward (Harare Zim) then Northwood (Dbn South Africa) there is no comparison, Northwood is way better

  80. I dont know how much research is put into lists like this, but Christian Brothers College, Bulawayo should be nowhere near a list of this nature after meting out corporal punishment to my son which verged on abuse. My complaint to the Head Master was met with a reply that if one is not happy with the rules and regulations of a school, then one can always remove ones son. Which I did. 6 cuts with a cane, followed by press-up in the prefects room and then being forced to sit in full uniform, including blazer, with backpack on back, in the full sun while others swam in the school gala. Needless to say that was the last day my son was at school. Reason for punishment: late from lunch break 3 times.

  81. I think there is a distinct gender and religious bias in this list when schools like Herschel, St Cyprian’s and Herzlia are notably absent. Having gone to Victoria Park and with kids at St Cyprians and Herzlia, I can confidently state that the latter 2 schools should rank significantly higher.

  82. How can all of you fault a unknown journalist’s research? This is a blatant attack on the inherent knowledge of the author. A parents bank balance facilitates entrance to these schools, but if you look at success in industry the top performers would originate from an entirely different mix of secondary schooling institutions. Love live imperialist relics.

  83. How can all of you fault a unknown journalist’s research? This is a blatant attack on the inherent knowledge of the author. A parents bank balance facilitates entrance to these schools, but if you look at success in industry the top performers would originate from an entirely different mix of secondary schooling institutions. Long live imperialist relics.

  84. I was a Selbornian that know and played against many of the schools that are and aren’t on the list. I guess the guestimation list will always be bogus or challenged by all of us (just look at the disgruntled comments above). On a positive note, it amazes me how many awesome schools are not on the list or are so low down the list. The conclusion has to be that Africa is a brilliant educational continent and that we should be way ahead of the rest of the world in most areas………..hmmmmmmmm……….are we really as good as we think???????

    i.e. eat humble pie, focus on things that count and can be influenced (not rankings, but quality of kids preparedness coming out of your own ex institutions) and stop bitching about a list for goodness sakes.

  85. Who was the sponsor of this study?
    What are the qualifications of those who performed the study?
    Where is the data and how many schools did you consulted?
    What is the power of the different variables.
    What is the goal of the study and was it mentioned in the introduction?
    Who would benefit of the conclusions?
    Is it possible to describe how study was conducted? (i.e. Methodology)
    What is your experience in data analysis? (What other works have you published continental and international)?
    These and other unanswered questions affect the way I consider this article. However, I am proud of the idea – to rank schools is great.

  86. A ridiculous list. One girls school? Where is St Andrews school for Girls, where is Roedean, where is St. Mary’s Waverley. ? All very old prestigious schools with beautiful old buildings and outstanding results..your list is biased and not accurate. At l3ast DSG Pretoria makes it! What about Pretoria Boys?

  87. Four South African Schools are Rhodes Scholarship schools – Bishops, SACS, Paul Roos and St Andrews. Only SACS and St Andrews made this bogus list???

  88. Are things so bad in Zimbabwe that Peterhouse doesn’t even rank? If they use old prominent schools, how could Peterhouse not even rank? That is impossible unless things have deteriorated so much in Zimbabwe. I see other schools ranked very badly here too. Were these schools ranked by an African who is familiar with facts on the ground?

  89. I know Sacred Heart College Bamenda Cameroon has consistently ranked as one of the best in the country. List is skewed towards southern Africa

  90. This list is a joke. There are many great Afrikaans Medium schools in South Africa which have simply been ignored. I don’t see the name of Eunice Girls School – top-performing school in the Free State (academic and sporting) which consistently beats Grey College in results every year. The author also seems to concentrate on old-style boys’ high schools from the colonial era – these schools having been modelled on the good old English public school from the last 150 years; which is really rather silly in the context of modern-day Africa.

  91. Did you consider schools in Zambia too? Have you heard of Hillcrest High School? Or David Kaunda High School? I highly doubt.

  92. The original article was written in 2003 when I was still at Prince Edward School (5th) on the list and I can confirm that this list has not been changed or edited since then…

  93. A lots of prestigious schools were left out in Ghana, St Augustine in Cape Coast, Achimotaschool in Accra, Presbyterian sec in Accra

  94. A lots of prestigious schools were left out in Ghana, St Augustine in Cape Coast, Achimotaschool in Accra, Presbyterian sec in Accra etc ,pls Mr author came again

  95. The methodology states that the achievements of Kofi Annan was not enough to have Mfantsipim School (Ghana) on the list. Yet Mfantsipim is 66th on the list.

    “For instance, Koffi [Kofi] Annan was not enough to have Mfantsipim School (Ghana) on the list. Performance of a school is much more than what one individual had done. Mfantsipim School (Ghana) has done much more than nurturing a UN Secretary General.”

    If the author meant that the achievements of the former UN Secretary General alone did not guarantee his alma mater on the list, then he should make it clearer to avoid ambiguity.

    Whiles I commend the author, I must admit that the list is flawed. Am suspecting this ranking to be far older than 2015 stated. If it wasn’t, I believe there are several Ghanaian schools that should have made the list.

  96. wooow!!!!!!!…………am surprised these skulls in Ghana were listed leaving out the only school in Ghana!!!!!!!!!!…………OPOKU WARE

  97. You did not mention the four top girls’ schools in South Africa i.e. Bloemhof in Stellenbosch, Girls’ High in Pretoria and the two top schools for academics, hockey and tennis in Bloemfontein: Eunice and the top school, Oranje Girls the leader!!!

  98. Jeppe Boys at 38 does not reflect the remarkable achievments made by this school over the last 10 years where they have outperformed KES ranked 3 and Parktown Boys ranked 33 in almost all departments as far as I am concerned – Also the oldest boys school in JHB! I maybe biased as an old boy but I think this list is a bit random. Also surprised that (probably) the most prestigious school in RSA – Michaelhouse only features at 71???

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