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10 World’s Fastest Aircraft

Cross Africa, the United States or Europe in a few minutes will soon be possible. It will just wait a little longer, until the aircraft prototypes are developed. However, the 10 planes that follow are real and they are a foretaste of our future.

1. The Falcon HTV-2

This drone is designed to achieve 20 times the speed of sound (6 805.8 m / s), or the speed that would link Paris to Dakar in 13 minutes. But on the first flight in 2010, the US military lost control of the aircraft after 9 minutes of flight. The plane then crashed into the Pacific Ocean. Only two copies were built.



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2. The X-43 A

On 16 November 2004, this aircraft broke the world speed. Its maximum speed is 11 144 km / h.To date, there are only three copies worldwide.




Who does not dream of taking a flight New York – Los Angeles in 12 minutes? We will soon travel at this speed but it will take a little time as aircraft prototypes are developed. To date, what are the planes that have exceeded the sound barrier? Here are the ten fastest aircraft in the world.

3. Boeing X51 WaveRider

This hypersonic unmanned prototype is equipped with a super reactor. He took off for the first time on 26 May 2010. In tests, it has reached a speed of 6,200 km / h instead of the 8 575 km / h provided. Tests are still ongoing.

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4. The North American X-15

This American experimental rocket plane was built as part of research flights at very high speed and very high altitude. During its first flight on June 8, 1959, the North American X-15 reached a speed of 7273 km / h. Three copies were built.






5. The SR-71 BlackBird

Merle is a spy plane built by US forces there over 50 years! It was flown for the first time on 22 December 1964 and between 1968 and 1990, only 32 copies were manufactured.






6. The MiG-25 Foxbat

The MiG-25 made its first flight on March 6, 1964. This aircraft interception and Soviet recognition is the first aircraft to reach a speed that is three times the speed of sound (ie 1 020.87 m / s) . To date, 1,186 copies were built.





7. The Bell X-2 Starbuster

Produced by Bell Aircraft Corporation, the Bell X-2 Starbuster made its first flight 19 November 1955 at a cruising speed of 3370 km / h. The two built and manned aircraft were destroyed in accidents.





8. The XB-70 Valkyrie

The Valkyrie was designed in the late 50s This supersonic bomber prototype reaches a top speed of 3275 km / h. Its first flight took place on 21 September 1964. As long as it is, it’s aircraft is only for two people: a pilot and a copilot. Only two aircraft were built and one of them was destroyed in an accident in 1966.





9. The MiG-31

Designed in the 80, the MiG-31 is a Russian interceptor. Its first flight took place on 16 September 1975 and its cruising speed of 3,250 km / h. Today there are more than 500 copies.




10. The F-15 Eagle

The F-15 Eagle was designed in the 70 This fighter plane called “air superiority” is mostly used by the US Air Force. It is managed for the first time on 27 July 1972 and reached a speed of 2,660 km / h. 1300 aircraft were built.




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